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Wheel Spacers & Adapters

Widen your wheelbase with a set of hubcentric wheel spacers for superior cornering and roll reduction. Wheel adapters and spacers push your tires out flush with your wheel well for an aggressive look and better handling. And, wheel spacers and adapters are simple to install.

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Weapon-R HellaFlush Wheel Spacers & Hub Rings
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Wheel Spacers

In a perfect world, your wheel/tire combo would always put the most rubber on the road for optimal traction and handling, have the flush stance that makes you look over your shoulder when walking away from your ride, never hit the frame or fenders, and allow clearance for brake mods. Let us know when you find this mythical Shangri-La. In the real world, we have to roll with what we have, including wheels that may not have the right offset or bolt pattern.

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