About Acura

If you’ve been searching for Acura parts online, or you need some Acura aftermarket parts, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sam’s Motorsport’s carries a full line of aftermarket Acura parts & Acura accessories. And we even carry Acura Legend parts & Acura Integra parts.

Acura: a quick history - When the first Acura rolled onto our shores in 1986, things were quite a bit different. Kids played with the Rubik’s cube, TV comedies were funny, and telephones had cords. Life was rather analog back then but then, so were the cars.

The Cadillac Fleetwood, and Lincoln Towncar were the best that this country had to offer. They were longer than a football field, and they floated down the road like a giant marshmallow. But those cars were made to show off at the country club. If you wanted a car that was actually good to drive, you had to spend the big bucks, and get something from Germany.

So when Honda introduced their flagship car; the Acura Legend, many luxury car buyers were pleasantly surprised. It was a uniquely Japanese luxury car, so it wasn’t 19-feet long, it didn’t have glittery chrome trim, and it didn’t have a vinyl roof with fake Landau bars. Instead, the Acura Legend came packed with modern features like a double-wishbone suspension, a Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) V6, an ergonomically designed interior and a digital clock.

While the Acura Legend didn’t have the imposing presence of a traditional luxury…boat. It offered buyers sophistication, comfort & reliability…three things that a Fleetwood, or Towncar could never do.

Today, Acura still makes luxury cars…their way. Cars like the Acura TL, Acura MDX & Acura RDX come loaded with the latest luxury parts that Japan has to offer. But they don’t go around shouting “look at me!” like most luxury vehicles do.

If you’re one of the millions of sophisticated Acura owners, you’ll be happy to know that Sam’s Motorsports has you covered when it comes to finding Acura parts online.

Acura Parts - While our Acura parts are affordable, they’re by no means knock-off cheap Acura parts. They’re high quality, made to the strictest standards and all of our Acura parts, Acura accessories, Acura performance parts, and Acura aftermarket parts come with manufacturer warranties & a price match guarantee.

Acura Performance Parts – If you want to go fast, while getting better gas mileage, Sam’s Motorsports can help. We have Acura air intake kits, Acura cold air induction kits, Acura air filters, Acura performance exhaust systems (including Acura catalytic convertors, and Acura mufflers), Acura clutch kits, & lightweight Acura flywheels.

Acura Suspension Parts – Whether you want better handling, a smoother ride, or maybe you just want to lower your car, Sam’s has you covered. We stock Acura springs, Acura shocks, Acura coilover kits, Acura strut bars, Acura lowering springs / kits, Acura performance springs, Acura struts, & Acura CV shafts. And with brands like Eibach & TEIN, you know you’re getting quality.

Acura Accessories – Sam’s has everything that you need to accessorize, or tuner-ize your Acura. If Fast & Furious is your flavor, we have Acura body kits, carbon fiber Acura wings / spoilers, underbody lights, shift knobs, racing seats, steering wheels, Acura HID kits, Acura Xenon headlights, Acura gauges, and window tint.

If smooth & suave is more your speed, then we have Acura floor mats, Acura seat covers, Acura car covers, Acura chrome accessories, Acura bug / rain deflectors, Acura grilles, Acura fog lights, Acura driving lights & Acura LED lights.

Acura Integra / Legend Parts – If you’re proud of being old-school, then trust all of your restoration / tuner-ization part needs to Sam’s. We have all manner of Acura Integra parts & Acura Legend parts, and our prices are lower than our Eibach lowering springs.

So why not save yourself some time, and order your Acura parts online, right here at Sam’s Motorsports. Your Acura & your wallet will thank you.