AEM Oval Tapered DryFlow Air Filter - AEM 21-2148D-HK

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AEM DryFlow Oval Tapered Air Filters

AIR FILTER; 3-1/2FLG; 8-1/2L X 7W; TOP-6-1/4L X4W. 5-1/2H W/HOLE

AEM DryFlow Oval Tapered Air Filters are universal clamp-on air filters that come in a range of different shapes and sizes to fit cold air intakes from different manufacturers. Developed in collaboration with K&N, a leading automotive air filter manufacturer, DryFlow air filters use synthetic filter media that delivers higher air capacity, better airflow, great filtration, increased durability and easy maintenance. The increased airflow increases your engine’s ability to burn fuel cleanly and efficiently, resulting in higher horsepower and torque numbers and better throttle response.

Unlike other high performance air filters that use cotton gauze and require air filter oil to trap dirt and debris, DryFlow filters can efficiently trap unwanted contaminants without any oil. It’s also easy to clean. Just spray it with AEM’s DryFlow Air Filter Cleaner to loosen and dissolve any dirt and grime that have accumulated, then wash it off with water. Once it’s completely dry, it will be like new again and will be good for another 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

Before ordering, check the listed specifications to make sure it will fit your intended application.


  • Developed in collaboration with K&N
  • Designed to increase horsepower and improve throttle response
  • Uses synthetic filter media for better durability and easy maintenance
  • Does not require air filter oil
  • Captures up to 99% of contaminants
  • Can withstand even dusty racing conditions
  • Made in the USA
  • Replacement filters for street legal intake systems are backed by AEM’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Universal air filters for off road use come with a 1-year limited warranty


Air Filter Large End Diameter: 8.5 in (216 mm)
Air Filter Shape: Oval Tapered
Base Outside Length: 8.5 in (216 mm)
Base Outside Width: 7 in (178 mm)
Filter Material: Non-woven Synthetic
Flange Angle: 0 degrees
Flange Inside Diameter: 3.5 in (89 mm)
Flange Length: 1.563 in (40 mm)
Flange Offset: 0 in (0 mm)
Flange Type: Centered
Flanges: 1
Hole: 0.531 in (13 mm)
Height: 5.5 in (140 mm)
Top Material: None
Top Outside Length: 6.25 in (159 mm)
Top Outside Width: 4 in (102 mm)
Top Style: Rubber

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

While this AEM DryFlow Oval Tapered Air Filters might fit your vehicle, unfortunately we can't guarantee fitment. Please read description and specifications to decide if this part is right for your vehicle.