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Aero Function Rear Spoiler

Rear Spoiler by Aero Function. This spoiler increases aero down force on your vehicle's rear for better road holding and adds a cleanly-styled look of performance. Contoured for a perfect fit on your vehicle, advanced materials and design ensure durability and resistance to warping or cracking. Painting is recommended before installation.


  • Effectively spoils airflow and increases downward air pressure on the vehicle's rear for increased road holding and grip
  • 1-piece spoiler spans the full width of your trunk lid
  • Aerodynamic styling with a tight, flush fit specifically designed for your make and model vehicle
  • Provides more stable handling
  • Advanced materials and design ensure durability and resistance to warping or cracking
  • Requires painting prior to installation
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

Spoilers redirect air upwards at the trunk's trailing edge. As air flows upwards, counterforce on the spoiler pushes it, the trunk lid, and entire rear of the vehicle downward. Racecars are all equipped with deck lid spoilers of various sizes because this downward force means more grip for rear tires around turns at high speeds. As modern vehicles have become better engineered and capable of higher speeds, trunk lid spoilers have become commonplace for both their function and for their beauty. Whether you want to replace a factory spoiler or add one, you're looking to make your vehicle a better version of itself and now we let you do that with the Trunk Lid Spoiler from Aero Function. Should you wish to match your vehicle's body color, we recommend priming and painting before installation.

Advanced computer aided design and high-tech manufacturing processes ensure all Aero Function components fit evenly against every panel and contour of your specific make and model. Once parts have been prepped and installed on your vehicle, they achieve a look that matches the quality of original equipment without the gaps, uneven edges, and poor visual continuity that plague parts from inferior competitors. Depending on vehicle application, components may be produced from carbon fiber plastics, fiberglass composites, or polyurethane polymers. Aero Function is well-respected throughout the industry for the development of each of these lightweight composite materials which feature extremely high levels of strength, rigidity, and superior impact absorption. Even under the harshest climates and conditions, Aero Function parts have proven their ability to maintain integrity without warping or cracking for long periods of time. Add-on aero pieces can be installed using any method of your choice such as double-sided tape or weather stripping adhesive, and Aero Function backs what they build with a 3-year warranty against defects.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

Aero Function Polyurethane AF-3 Trunk Spoiler (Unpainted) 108608 is available for the following vehicles:

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Year range Make Model Body
2011-2013 BMW 5 Series Sedan
If this Aero Function Rear Spoiler is not exactly what you are looking for to accessorize your 2011-2013 BMW 5 Series, please don't give up just yet. Our catalog has huge selection of parts and accessories for your BMW 5 Series.

Returns Policy:

We want all customers to know that there will always be sanding, shaving, cutting, and/or filling prior to installing body parts. Also, the black primer finish must be sanded and other prep work will be required prior to painting.

Our customer guarantee is:

  • You can return your item within 30 days of receipt for any reason as long as it is returned in the original packaging and you pay for all shipping.
  • Original shipping fees are non-refundable.
  • 20% retocking fee applies to all returns.
  • Products are non-refundable if altered in any way.
  • It is recommended that the part be installed by a professional body shop that has experience working with aftermarket fiberglass and urethane body kits including but not limited to sanding, shaving, cutting and filling.
  • Surface cracks in fiberglass are not considered product defect, they can be treated during the paint process.
  • Sometimes your body shop needs to 
  • Extra fees may be incurred for proper fitment.
  • Refunds will not be issued due to fitment issues.
  • Displayed vehicles are modified by professionals and they may look different than the part you will receive. Refer to individual part image (If available) to know what to expect.


Material: Polyurethane
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Style: AF-3
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