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Browse our impressive selection of custom fit air filter assemblies and lids that are great for show cars and highly-tuned racing cars. Whether your vehicle is equipped with old-school carburetors or a modern fuel injection system, custom fit air filters will improve the airflow compared to the restrictive factory air filter and airbox. Aftermarket air filters by Injen, K&N, and AEM are specifically designed to provide better airflow to deliver monstrous performance. Sam’s Motorsports is home to custom fit air filter assemblies, universal airbox assemblies, injector stack filters, and racing cone filters at discounted prices. Our custom air filters are applicable for both domestic and import vehicles.

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If you need a high-quality non-restrictive air filter for off-road vehicles, race cars, and show cars, you should settle for nothing less than custom fit air filters. Custom air filters are different since they were designed for both looks and performance. However, despite their premium looks, they are also engineered to perform better than stock OEM filters.

This is due to the increased airflow inside the motor. Stock OEM-style air filters and airboxes are engineered to provide minimum restrictions while still offering excellent filtration. Custom fit air filters are capable of adding a 4% increase in horsepower and torque which is all the difference between winning and not finishing the race.

This especially holds true in off-road applications. If the filter element allows too much dust or dirt to enter the motor, the engine might die even before the race is finished. It is important to choose a racing air filter that provides maximum filtration while still improving the airflow.

Best of all, custom fit air filters are both washable and reusable. They are also capable of lasting longer than disposable air filters. When it comes to custom fit air filters for your import or domestic car, truck, or SUV, Sam’s Motorsports is the place to find all the best brands at the lowest and most affordable price.

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