Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters help you breath by isolating pollutants like pollen, soot, dust, spores, mold, fungus, mildew, germs, bacteria, gases and other contaminants intending to get inside your vehicle, just as the intake filter does for the engine. Both units are important, but if the first one is a crucial element for the vehicle's performance, the latter is a critical component for your health. 

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K&N Cabin Air Filters
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Vehicles driving in front of you build an exhaust gas tunnel that forces various damaging airborne particles into the cabin in a highly concentrated form. These noxious gases and nocuous particles can cause a great amount of health problems including: nausea, headache, or even allergic reaction. The filtering media not only cleans the polluted air, but also traps unpleasant scents coming from the engine bay. The cabin filter helps you breathe freely wherever you drive!

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