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Whether louvered or the regular window covers, these AVS Aeroshade Window Covers act as protective shields for your vehicle. Available for the side windows, these can also work on the extended cab pickups and 2-door cars. Each cover is custom-styled to meet the contours of the windows. Mounted outside, these Aeroshade window covers are made from ABS plastic materials for superior durability. Use it for a variety of purposes- to increase privacy, reduce the interior temperature, or to enhance the looks of the vehicle. Whatever your purpose, our Aeroshade window covers can deliver the job.


  • Available as a set
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Can help promote privacy, reduce the interior temperature, and enhance the looks of the vehicle
  • Mounted outside
  • Custom made for specific makes and models
  • Comes with a limited 3-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

The vehicle’s windows will offer you a glimpse of the road and the surroundings. However, the factory design of the windows can also offer you with a few problems that can impact your daily driving experience. When you drive for long hours, you’ll feel the extreme temperature in the cabin thanks to the direct hit of the rays of the sun. Also, there’s little room for privacy since other drivers can see what you’re doing in the vehicle. You can put an end to these concerns by installing the AVS Aeroshade Window Covers. Offered as regular or louvered, these window covers can provide you the protection and the privacy that you are looking for. These products are made from ABS plastic and these are designed to withstand extreme heat or changing weather conditions. Furthermore, its use can also offer your vehicle a dash of style.

As exterior accessories, these window covers are mounted outside. Installation is easy without the need for cutting and drilling. When you order these window covers from us, you get an installation guide and each cover comes with an automotive-grade adhesive for ease of installation. All window covers from AVS are made in the USA and they come with a limited 3-year warranty.