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Make a statement with your SUV and truck by installing the AVS Bugflector II Hood Deflector. With its higher profile and wrap-around design, this specific hood deflector becomes your friend if you want to complete protection for the vehicle. It can offer protection against road debris, rocks, and small stones. With its off-the-hood design, you can easily clean and wax the unit. Also, this product is custom-molded and rugged making this the perfect partner of your truck and SUV for all of your driving requirements.


  • Features an aerodynamic and wrap-around design
  • Offers a sleek and classic look
  • Off-the-hood design
  • Easy to clean and wax
  • Rugged construction
  • Car wash safe
  • Easy to install with no drilling required
  • Covered by a limited lifetime warranty

Your trucks and SUVs are designed to meet tough driving conditions and driving requirements. With its power and size, it can easily tow and carry heavy loads. However, it still requires some protection. For complete performance and protection on and off the road, you can add the AVS Bugflector II Hood Deflector. Designed for your pick-ups and SUVs, this hood deflector can confidently protect the front end from road debris, rocks, and small stones.

Compared to the standard deflectors available in the market, this AVS product is aerodynamic with a wrap-around design. Furthermore, it comes with a high profile design and raised lip that can improve its performance. But more than its functional role, this hood deflector offers a sleek and classic look to your vehicle. When it comes to installation, this AVS unit requires basic mounting materials that are included in the kit. And thanks to its off-the-hood design, this AVS hood deflector is easy to clean, wax, and maintain.