Bed Caps & Bed Rails

On a pickup truck, there’s nothing more unsightly than a dinged up bed. And since that’ll count against you at trade in time, why not protect your truck bed now?We have a large selection of bed caps, bed rails, tailgate protectors that are designed to do just that.

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Trucks are designed to work. Just throw in that ladder, toolbox, or load of lumber in the truck bed and go. However, that painted truck bed is in danger of getting scratched up. And over time, those scratches and dings can turn into rust. Which will make your truck about as popular as last year’s Halloween candy.

With us, you’ll find truck bed protection that’s as stylish as it is functional. We have bed rails, side bed caps, and tailgate caps that will add some style, while protecting your truck bed from harm.

Bed Rails

Truck bed rails protect paint, add style to your rig and deliver more tie-down points for your cargo. A breeze to install, our custom pickup bed rails come in chrome, black powder coat and stainless steel. Plus, you can choose truck bed rails that leave your stake pockets open or covered.

Front Bed Caps

Bed caps and tailgate caps do a great job of protecting three sides of your bed-but what about the bulkhead. That's where a front bed protector comes to the rescue. Custom crafted for a perfect fit, these truck front bed rail protectors and caps put down a layer of protection where you need it most.

Full Front Bed Protectors

Defend your bulkhead from the onslaught of bouncing equipment and falling freight with a full front bed protector. Like slapping a suite of armor on the front of your bed, the front truck bed protector is custom crafted to cover both your bulkhead wall and top rail in super-tough shield.

Full Tailgate Protectors

A full tailgate protector safeguards the entire inside of your gate. Heavy-duty diamond plate aluminum makes our full tailgate protectors the ultimate shield between your cargo and your finish. And, each tailgate cover is custom designed for a perfect fit on your pickup.

Side Bed Caps

If you carry heavy objects, sharp-edged debris, branches, and other equipment in your pickup truck bed area regularly, it is hard to avoid picking up scratches and gouges in your bed’s factory paint. And if you’ve ever tossed heavy items or debris into the back of your pickup, you know it only takes a small miscalculation to bounce something off the bed rail area and leave permanent dents.

Tailgate Caps

Tailgate caps protect your bed where it's most vulnerable. All of our tailgate caps may be used alone or matched with our bed caps for a custom look. Our tailgate caps are built to last and crafted from ABS, aluminum, or stainless steel.

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