Scoops & Louvers

Sometimes additional body components can make a vehicle look more appealing. A prime example of this is a scoop. Scoops come in many different forms. They can be put on the roof, the hood, or the side of the vehicle. The purpose of a scoop is to have a more aerodynamic vehicle, and to eliminate some factor of the drag force on your vehicle. Scoops are a simple way to boost your vehicle's apparel and gain some minor efficiency boosts at the same time.

Window louvers essentially give you an extra layer of protection from the sun on your rear window. You most commonly see them installed on sports cars and some SUVs. They give your vehicle a sportier look as well as help with the aerodynamics because of their shape. If you’re into customization, you definitely need to invest in some window louvers. They’ll surely give you the one-of-a-kind look you’re going for without breaking your bank.

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