Whether you’re looking to upgrade the brakes to improve braking performance, or if you simply need to change the factory rotors and brake pads in your ride, Sam’s Motorsports has you covered. From big brake conversions to the finest quality brake pads for street and track use, our selection of the finest brake kits are available for any type of car, truck, or SUV and are sold at discounted prices. Choose from your favorite brands like Hawk, DBA, EBC, and Centric brake kits that are all made from top class materials to safely improve the stopping distance of your car.

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MGP Engraved Colored Caliper Covers
StopTech Slotted Sport Brake Rotors
EBC S13 Brake Kit - Yellowstuff Pads and RK Premium Rotors
Ksport ProComp Front Big Brake Kit
StopTech Drilled & Slotted Sport Brake Rotors
Centric High Carbon Brake Rotors
Centric C-TEC Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors
EBC Redstuff Low Dust Ceramic Brake Pads
EBC USR Sport Slotted Rotors
EBC S5 Brake Kit - Yellowstuff Pads and GD Rotors
EBC S11 Brake Kit - Greenstuff Pads and RK Premium Rotors
DBA 5000 Series T3 Slotted Brake Rotors
EBC RK Series Premium OEM Rotors
EBC Replacement Brake Wear Sensors
EBC BSD High Carbon Blade Sport Slotted Rotors
EBC Ultimax2 OEM Replacement Brake Pads
EBC S1 Brake Kit - Ultimax Pads and RK Replacement Rotors
EBC S9 Brake Kit - Yellowstuff Pads and USR Rotors
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The braking system is one of the most overlooked components in a car, particularly those with tuned engines. The truth of the matter should be the exact opposite. As you tune the motor to add more horsepower and torque, the brakes will require a significant upgrade as well.

All that speed and power will amount to nothing if you are unable to stop the vehicle on a dime. This holds true for cadence braking in emergency situations or when approaching a tight, fast corner. Brakes are also susceptible to extreme heat. When the rotors are overheating due to extreme duress, brake fade will make it extremely tricky to stop your vehicle.

If you pay a lot of attention to the engine performance and styling of your ride, it is probably time to pay more attention to the brakes. Supercars, hypercars, and thoroughbred sports cars have many things in common that makes them stand out from a normal sedan, and one of them is having big and powerful brakes that are tuned to cope with the capabilities of the vehicle.

Thankfully, Sam’s Motorsports is here to help. We have a wide selection of brake pads, brake rotors, and brake accessories to further enhance the stopping capabilities of your ride. Get access to the best deals and the biggest discounts so you can improve the overall stopping power of your vehicle without spending a lot of cash.

Big Brake Kit

Brake Accessories

Searching for high-quality brake accessories like brake lines, tubing, hydraulic hoses, brake hose bolts, or custom brake caliper covers? You can find the best deals only here at Sam’s Motorsports. Upgrading the brake accessories will not only give your vehicle a more reliable braking system with superb stopping power, but it will give you added peace of mind as you drive on the street or racetrack. A great car should not only go and handle well, but it must be able to stop effectively and quickly respond to the brake pedal inputs of the driver. With Sam’s Motorsports lineup of top-notch brake accessories, you can turn that vision into a reality.

Brake Fluid

Brake Lines
Brake Pads

Don’t expect the stock brake pads to safely grind your vehicle to a halt, especially after bolting on a couple of performance mods to your ride. Sam’s Motorsports has a wide selection of brake pads from the best brands like EBC and Hawk so you can upgrade the braking system without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you are looking for a set of replacement brake pads for your car, truck, or SUV, or if you are searching for a quality set of high-performance ceramic brake pads, your search ends here.

Brake Rotors

Upgrading the brake rotors will benefit your vehicle in more ways than you can imagine. As the old saying goes, you can never have too much braking power. Replacing the factory rotors with a better set of aftermarket brake rotors will significantly improve the braking performance and brake pedal feel in any type of weather and track conditions. It will also enhance the styling of your ride. Nothing looks better than a new set of brake rotors peering behind those large, shiny wheels. Sam’s Motorsports is home to an impressive lineup of brake rotors from all the best brands in the aftermarket industry.

Caliper Covers

Stop painting your brake calipers and get yourself a competent set of professionally-designed caliper covers only here at Sam’s Motorsports. Caliper covers are more than just an aesthetic mod as they can also reduce the presence of brake dust on your pristine wheels. Our caliper covers can also be customized with logos, varying colors, and designs to perfectly match the theme of your domestic or import vehicle. Brake caliper covers are also easy to install and the finish will not fade easily unlike painted calipers. Give your vehicle a customized touch with Sam’s Motorsports’ lineup of caliper covers.

Performance Brake Kits

Your high-performance vehicle demands nothing less than the best performance brake kits. The stock OEM brakes are good enough for stock applications. But after bolting on performance-enhancing engine mods or performing some engine tuning, the stock brakes are no longer equipped to handle the additional power and torque of the motor. Sam’s Motorsports is home to the best and most affordable performance brake kits for import or domestic vehicles. Performance brake kits are manufactured with state-of-the-art materials and are all designed to enhance the stopping power of your vehicle while also improving the brake pedal feel.

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