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Stop painting your brake calipers and get yourself a competent set of professionally-designed caliper covers only here at Sam’s Motorsports. Caliper covers are more than just an aesthetic mod as they can also reduce the presence of brake dust on your pristine wheels. Our caliper covers can also be customized with logos, varying colors, and designs to perfectly match the theme of your domestic or import vehicle. Brake caliper covers are also easy to install and the finish will not fade easily unlike painted calipers. Give your vehicle a customized touch with Sam’s Motorsports’ lineup of caliper covers.

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MGP Custom Caliper Covers
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Installing a brilliant set of caliper covers will greatly enhance the sporting looks of your vehicle. Other car owners simply resort to painting the calipers to achieve the desired effect, but this is nothing more than a waste of time and money.

Painting the calipers is not just a matter of applying paint. Unless you are on a severely tight budget, applying paint to the calipers will only produce short-term results. It’s either the paint will fade or even melt under the extreme heat of the caliper, or you will be left with blotches of paint over unpainted metal after a week or two.

Utilizing caliper paint is also an option, but the cost of the paint and the time required to clean, prep, and paint the calipers is not worth the money. In most cases, you will need to remove the entire caliper assembly in order to effectively prep the surface. The saddest part? You cannot drive your vehicle for at least 24 hours while waiting for the paint to dry.

Ordering a professional set of caliper covers is the single best way to dress up the calipers in all four corners of your vehicle. You can choose the color, design, and finish that you want. You can also specify the logo or brand of your vehicle for a more customized look. Best of all, you can achieve the look in about an hour or less since the caliper covers are designed to be installed easily using basic hand tools.

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