Base Rack Systems

Base rack systems will give you the ability to install a roof rack on a bare roof. The kit will basically consist of two pairs of towers or feet that securely bolts on the rain gutters or roof rails. The pair of crossbars that run across the roof of your ride will attach to the towers on the roof. With that in place, your car is now equipped with a sturdy roof rack so you can maximize the storage space and carrying capabilities of your car, truck, minivan, or SUV. Base rack systems should be made from lightweight and robust materials like aluminum and polypropylene and should be coated with a layer of rust and UV protection to protect the parts from deterioration or damage. We carry an impressive array of base rack systems from all the best brands at discounted prices.

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Spec-D OE Roof Racks
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We offer a range of base roof rack products to let you set up a roof rack easily on any car, van, SUV, or truck – even if it was built with a completely bare roof. Basically, they are the components that let you set up a roof rack from scratch, or add to existing factory rain gutters, tracks or even raised roof rails. Four "towers" or "feet" attach, to allow addition of two "cross bars" that run across the vehicle from driver to passenger side.

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