Cipher Auto CPA1009 Series Racing Seats

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Cipher Auto CPA1009 Black/White Synthetic Leather Universal Racing Seats

Mfg Part#: CPA1009PBKWH
Our Part#: CIP-CPA1009PBKWH
Cipher Auto CPA1009 Black/White Synthetic Leather Universal Racing Seats


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CPA1009 Series Reclining Steel Tubular Frame Racing Seats by Cipher Auto. A proper racing seat will actually improve your driving by keeping you planted and motionless during extreme maneuvers. Cipher Auto’s Racing Seats are a bolt-on solution, with over 1000 applications covered with custom brackets. Upholstered in the finest materials, these high-style seats will also make your interior look great!

Driving competitively requires a racing seat that lets you stay put. Hard cornering and braking constantly try to make you slide left and right, or forward out of the seat. If you're investing energy into staying put, that's mental and physical resources you can't devote to the most important thing: winning. That's true during street driving, at least the way we sometimes drive on the street. A stock seat simply doesn't have enough lateral support to keep your butt planted or your shoulders in one place so you can make precise inputs to the steering, accelerator or brakes. Cipher racing seats are optimized for "spirited" driving, and are engineered to work properly with 4- or 5-point racing harnesses instead of seatbelts and airbags. Upholstered in high-quality materials these seats also happen to look amazing.


  • Includes: Pair of Driver/Passenger Side Seats
  • Single Lock Slider
  • Application: Dual Duty Street-Track Cars, Street Cars
  • Homologation: Not Rated
  • Shell Type: Steel Tubular Frame Reclining
  • Cover material: Leatherette


  • Higher bolsters and deeper upper body support
  • Engineered to work properly with 4- or 5-point racing harness
  • Keeps your body in the optimum position to make inputs to the car
  • Reduces driver workload
  • Lowers lap times
  • Typically half the weight of a stock seat
  • Sold in pairs
  • Fully reclining for maximum comfort and convenience
  • High-quality materials for best fit and most comfort
  • Single-lock sliders included