Radiators are an essential part of the cooling system in any type of automobile. The primary function of the radiator is to sufficiently cool the scalding hot water after it circulates inside the engine. The water and coolant mixture absorbs the heat produced by the motor and circulates into the radiator. The surface area of the radiator ensures maximum surface contact so the water can be cooled before it is pumped back inside the motor. If the radiator in your vehicle is cracked or leaking, take the time to view the aftermarket radiators here at Sam’s Motorsports. We offer the best quality aluminum and OEM radiators at low and discounted prices.

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The term ‘radiator’ is actually a misnomer. Since the radiator works by convective heat transfer, it should be called the ‘convector’ or ‘convectant’ for all intents and purposes. A typical radiator is composed of a central core equipped with fins and tubes. Aftermarket radiators can be equipped with multiple cores to accommodate more water and to facilitate better cooling.

There is a reason why the radiator is located in the front of your vehicle. It needs to be constantly exposed to strong airflow so the radiator can do the job of cooling the hot water inside. The fans in the radiator are designed to provide maximum airflow when the car is not moving. The fans are designed to stop spinning when the car starts moving again since the airflow is sufficient to conduct the heat away from the coolant.

If the radiator fails, the motor will overheat. Excess heat will kill the engine and cause expensive damage. The heat can be high enough to warp the cylinder head and other critical engine components. The OEM radiator in your vehicle is designed to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, but if your vehicle is tuned to produce more horsepower or if your vehicle is relatively old, it might need a new radiator to maintain sufficient engine cooling.

Check out Sam’s Motorsports’ inventory of radiators for any type of domestic or import car. Our radiators are offered at discounted prices and are manufactured by the best brands in the industry.

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