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The Dodge name is synonymous with American muscle cars and tough, hardworking pickup trucks. However, the Dodge, Viper, and RAM names were separated wherein RAM will be classified as a manufacturer of the famed pickup trucks. The company was founded in the 1900s by brothers Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge. The duo actually started out manufacturing bicycles in Canada back in the year 1896. They shifted their attention to the Dodge Brothers machine shop in the 1900s and created mechanical parts for stoves.

What many people find amusing about Dodge is the company helped to fulfill Henry Ford’s dream of building a mass produced car. The Dodge Brothers shifted their attention from stoves to car parts and were the supplier of engine parts, transmissions, and axles to the Ford Model T in 1910. This is when the company began to gain a reputation for quality and decided to build their own car in 1914. The opening of the dodge brand of automobiles was so highly anticipated that 22,000 applications for Dodge dealerships were filed by business moguls many months before the first Dodge vehicle was released in 1914, the Dodge Model 30.

The Dodge Model 30 was meant to be a more premium model over the Ford Model T. The car pioneered all-steel body construction instead of using wood framing over steel, the 12-volt electrical system, and sliding gear transmission system. For lack of a better word, the Ford Model T was the most popular in America during that time but the Dodge model 30 was the better car overall. Due to their newfound success, the Dodge brand was ranked second in U.S. car sales in 1916.

After the death of John Dodge in 1920 followed by the untimely demise of Horace Dodge in 1920, the company was sold to Dillon, Read & Co. in 1925 and later on to the Chrysler Corporation in 1928. The company is now under the helm of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after the Chrysler LLC merger with Italian automaker Fiat.

The Dodge brand is home to an impressive selection of performance muscle cars, SUVs, and minivans. The Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger are modern interpretations of classic Mopar muscle. The Dodge Durango is a capable and stylish family SUV. The Dodge Journey is an affordable crossover with the looks of a proper SUV. The Dodge Caravan needs no specific introduction as it remains to be the mother of all minivans.

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