Exhaust Systems

Unleash your engine's beast with an upgraded exhaust system. Whether you're looking for more pulling power or you simply want to blow the competition away, our exhaust systems give your engine more bite, serious power increases and incredible torque boosts. Plus, custom exhaust systems give your ride style that's sure to turn heads.

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Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device. The job of the catalytic converter is to covert the pollutants and toxic gasses into less harmful elements. Catalytic converters were first seen in cars manufactured in 1975. Those vehicles were equipped with two-way catalytic converters to reduce tailpipe emissions. The internal combustion engine produces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of Nitrogen or NOx during combustion. The catalytic converter utilizes catalysts to turn the toxic emissions into water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. The chemical reaction between the catalyst and the toxic gasses are responsible for cleaner tailpipe emissions in modern vehicles. Check out our inventory at Sam’s Motorsports if you need a catalytic converter for your import or domestic vehicle.

Crossover Pipes and Collectors

Is your vehicle equipped with a V-type motor? Whether it’s a V6 or V8, the motor can churn out more horsepower and torque if the vehicle is equipped with high-quality and non-restrictive crossover pipes and collectors. There are two basic types of crossover pipes: the X-pipe and the H-pipe. While both configurations are designed to eliminate engine backpressure and improve exhaust flow, they operate on different principles. The X-pipe allows the exhaust gasses to flow the path of least resistance while the H-pipe utilizes exhaust expansion to improve the exhaust flow. If you are searching for crossover pipes and collectors for any type of import or domestic vehicle, Sam’s Motorsports is the perfect place to find the best brands at discounted prices.

Diesel Particulate Filters


Remove the stranglehold and let your turbocharged machine spool up with the free-flowing power of a performance turbo downpipe. By releasing the factory bottleneck, an exhaust downpipe lets your engine exhale for huge gains in horsepower, torque and throttle response.

EGR Coolers & Components

The EGR cooler is responsible for lowering the temperature of the exhaust gases that are recirculated inside the motor. The primary function of the EGR system is to recirculate exhaust gases back inside the engine to reduce NOx emissions and decrease cylinder temperatures. But the recirculated gases can be extremely hot, especially on cars, trucks or SUVs equipped with powerful diesel motors. Exhaust leaks and overheating issues accompanied by a check engine light are the primary symptoms of EGR cooler failure. Keep your car running smoothly with our lineup of EGR coolers and components for any type of domestic and import vehicle. Sam’s Motorsports is the place to find the best deals and discounted prices on all types of EGR coolers

Exhaust Gaskets

Exhaust gaskets are often overlooked when it comes to servicing, but they are an important part of your car's safety and performance. Faulty exhaust gaskets can lead to loss of engine compression, which reduces your car's power. In addition, a faulty exhaust gasket can force exhaust gases into your engine's cooling system, causing it to overheat.

Exhaust Headers

There's more power lurking under your hood than you might imagine. The key to unlocking all those baying ponies is simple: exhaust headers and manifolds. Unlike the heavy, clunky, inefficient exhaust manifold that came with your ride, exhaust headers are engineered for maximum flow efficiency. And, the faster the fumes spill out of your engine, the faster your vehicle will go.

Exhaust Heat Shields
Exhaust Manifolds

Exhaust Pipes and Components

If you are looking to build your very own high-performance exhaust system, check out our selection of exhaust pipes and components. Exhaust pipes can come in all shapes and sizes and can be manufactured using different types of materials. Strength and durability are the primary benefits of an anodized steel exhaust system. If weight reduction, looks, and performance is what you demand from an exhaust system, you should look into aluminum piping that is designed to resist rust and corrosion. Whether you need exhaust pipes, flanges, reducers, adapters, and other exhaust components, check out our selection only here at Sam’s Motorsports. We offer premium quality exhaust pipes from the best brands at the lowest and most affordable price.

Exhaust Stacks

The single best way to make your truck or SUV look more aggressive is by installing a quality pair of exhaust stacks. Nothing says power and performance much better than the big rig look. You can easily achieve this by choosing from our wide selection of exhaust stacks for any type of import or domestic diesel truck. Exhaust stacks can come in a barrage of sizes and shapes. They are also available in a variety of finishes. The classic Big Rig look is best exemplified by glossy aluminum exhaust stacks. Choose an exhaust stack with a black powder coat finish if you prefer the stealthy look. Only Sam’s Motorsports is able to offer exhaust stacks from the best brands at friendly and discounted prices.

Exhaust System

Unleash your engine's beast with an upgraded exhaust system. Whether you're looking for more pulling power or you simply want to blow the competition away, our exhaust systems give your engine more bite, serious power increases and incredible torque boosts. Plus, custom exhaust systems give your ride style that's sure to turn heads.

Exhaust Valves

Muffler Tips

Whether you drive a mean muscle car or a luxury SUV, exhaust tips add hot looks to your tailpipe. Flush edges, angle cuts, and turndown bends-the choices of muffler tips are nearly limitless. And, you can score a muffler tip in a range of head-turning finishes, like polished and black.


Swap out your restrictive stock muffler for a performance high-flow muffler to boost your ride's power and amplify its throaty growl. Performance mufflers from Sam's Motorsports are top-quality, from the best brands in the industry, like Flowmaster, Injen, Magnaflow and more.

Performance Packages


There is a lot of misconception about the resonators in the exhaust system of your vehicle. The resonator is not the muffler, but it is a vital part of the exhaust system. Resonators are installed right after the catalytic converters and are utilized to silence the exhaust system. Removing the resonators will improve the exhaust flow but it will create a louder exhaust sound. This is the reason why aftermarket cat-back systems are not equipped with resonators to produce the loudest possible exhaust roar. If there are problems with the resonator in your stock vehicle, you must replace it as soon as possible to maintain a smoother and quieter ride. Check out the resonators at Sam’s Motorsports and see how you can save money while restoring the efficiency of your ride.

Test Pipes

If off-the-shelf won’t do and you want to construct your own performance exhaust system, we have an extensive selection of pipes and collectors for the do-it-yourself exhaust builder, everything from individual pipes to complete systems without the muffler(s). Whether you need custom collectors for racing headers, an X-pipe kit to balance exhaust flow on a late model Mustang, or a complete set of pipes for an early muscle car, we have what you need.

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