Crossover Pipes and Collectors

Is your vehicle equipped with a V-type motor? Whether it’s a V6 or V8, the motor can churn out more horsepower and torque if the vehicle is equipped with high-quality and non-restrictive crossover pipes and collectors. There are two basic types of crossover pipes: the X-pipe and the H-pipe. While both configurations are designed to eliminate engine backpressure and improve exhaust flow, they operate on different principles. The X-pipe allows the exhaust gasses to flow the path of least resistance while the H-pipe utilizes exhaust expansion to improve the exhaust flow. If you are searching for crossover pipes and collectors for any type of import or domestic vehicle, Sam’s Motorsports is the perfect place to find the best brands at discounted prices.

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Injen Mid-Pipe
MBRP Resonator Delete X-Pipe
MBRP Muffler Delete Pipe
Takeda Y-Pipe
From: $940.99
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aFe Twisted Steel Y-Pipe
aFe Twisted Steel Connection Pipes
aFe Scorpion Y-Pipe Spacer Kit
aFe MACH Force XP Series Exhaust Bracket Kit
MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Y-Pipe
MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust X-Pipe
Jet-Hot Polished Y-Pipes
Jet-Hot Polished X-Pipes
Corsa Stainless Steel X-Pipes
Tanabe Y-Pipes
Gibson Off Road X-Pipes
Flowmaster Scavenger Y-Pipe Kit
Flowmaster Scavenger X-Pipe Kit
PaceSetter Off Road Y-Pipes
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Showing 1 to 18 of 25 (2 Pages)