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Transform your standard dull factory look with attention-grabbing chrome, from your grill to your tail lights. Make your car, truck or SUV stand out in a crowd, or add just a touch of “bling” to turn a few heads for a fraction of the cost of chromed metal replacements.
Our high grade triple-chrome-plated Chrome trim accessories are custom-engineered for a perfect fit, to dramatically enhance your plain, pitted original plastic or painted accessories.

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QMI Stainless Steel Fender Trim
QAA Chrome Rocker Panel Trim
APS 2" Fender Trim
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QAA Chrome Wheel Well Fender Trim
QMI Rocker Panel Trim
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QAA Chrome Pillar Post Trim
QMI Chrome Pillar Post Trim
QAA Chrome Rear Deck Trim
QAA Chrome Door Handle Covers
QAA Chrome Window Sills
AVS Chrome Door Handle Covers
QAA Chrome Bumper Trims
Putco Chrome Headlights Trim
QAA Chrome Fuel Door Covers
Putco Chrome Mirror Covers
Putco Stainless Steel Fender Trim
Putco Chrome Door Handle Covers
QAA Chrome Rear Window Trims
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Black Door Handle Covers
Black Pillar Post Covers
Chrome Bumper Caps

After installing a brilliant set of chrome accessories, adding chrome bumper caps will further accentuate the premium look of your ride. Chrome bumper caps will complete the classic look in any type of vehicle. This will make the front end of your ride stand out from the stock variety. Our chrome bumper caps are manufactured using the best materials to offer lasting durability and shine. Mirror-polished bumper caps are easy to install and can change the look of your ride in virtually minutes. Each piece is custom molded for a perfect fit. This will give your vehicle a more premium look without using paint and damaging adhesives.

Chrome Bumper Trim

It's hard to decide if you want to make your bumper a bulls-eye by putting chrome on it, but that's what insurance is for! Deck out those bumpers with our chrome trim!

Chrome Emblems

We have the goods, whether you want to replace worn and faded OE emblems, upgrade to a better finish and material, or outfit your ride with badges, letters and numbers the factory never dreamed of. Our replacement emblems are so authentically made, they’re indistinguishable from the ones installed on the assembly line.

Chrome Fender Trim

Chrome fender trims are a basic mod that will give your vehicle a classic and vintage style. Good when installed as is or when paired with other chrome exterior trim like chrome door handles, side mirrors, and rear chrome garnish. If you like the look of shiny chrome in your ride, you will love our selection of chrome fender trim from the best brands like QAA, Putco, QMI, and APS. Chrome fender trim are not just for the looks since they are durable enough to protect the vehicle fenders from dents, dings, scratches, and minor damage.

Chrome Hummer Accessories

It doesn’t matter what color your Hummer is, decking it out with some chrome, leaves a lasting impression. Chrome accessories on a hummer is like the icing on a cake. You don't necessarily need it, but it makes it waaaay better!

Chrome Kits & Packages

There is nothing like the look of having bright chrome, against a nice paint job. Once you see a car or truck all chromed out, you will never look at another car the same. It gives you that extra spice that you never knew was missing. Chrome Kits are a great option if you are looking to deck out your whole car. 

Chrome Light Trim

At one time it was a canon of automotive styling that tail lights should be surrounded by chrome. Auto designers understood that this bright border between the plastic lens and painted sheet metal created eye-catching detail and visual appeal that enhanced the overall style of the car. But over the years such trim fell out of favor for most vehicles and today most stylists have confined their creativity to within the tail light housing.

Chrome Tailgate Handle Covers

Chrome tailgate handles are the way to go when you're looking to get a serious grip on the custom look. Our chrome tailgate handle and chrome tailgate handle covers selection includes solid billet aluminum replacements as well as budget-friendly ABS overlays.

Chrome Window Sill Trim

If you're a firm believer that a vehicle can never have too much chrome, look no further than the gleaming style of Chrome Window Sill Trim. Whether it's for a shiny subtle statement or for a chromed-out cruiser project, provide the finishing touch with window sill trim.

Chrome Window Trim

Over the years, chrome was eliminated from most cars, including the window area due to cost and changing tastes. Many recent cars and trucks are fine examples of automotive design, they’re just lacking the bright work that would really put them over the top. If this describes your ride, you’ve come to the right place. We can set you up with chrome for just about everywhere, including chrome window trim that will really make your side windows pop.

Door Handles

Unlock new potential for your vehicle with the stylish looks of Chrome Door Handles. Who doesn't want to pull on something that is shiny and glistening? Adding small touches like chrome door handles to enhance the look of your vehicle is super easy with these. Browse through our selection and see what we have to offer you.

Door Sills

Spruce up your vehicle's threshold with a solid set of custom door sills. While the factory look let you get by until now, it no longer cuts it. Your new door sills make each entrance into your ride an unforgettable experience.

Fender Washers
Fuel Doors

Custom chrome fuel doors not only win your vehicle serious style points, but when a secure lock is added, they make an excellent theft deterrent. Whether it's a pop-on or a total replacement, a custom chrome gas cover is the way to go.

Glossy Black Mirror Covers
Mirror Covers

Brighten your vehicle with a set of custom chrome light covers. Crafted from long-lasting ABS, our chrome light trim and chrome light covers are a great single accent or the perfect finishing touch to your total custom chrome package.

Misc Chrome Accessories

When you’re customizing a car, it’s the little details that make it truly unique. Those small touches that only a loving owner would think of can make your car truly stand out. Because let’s face it, there’s a million cars on the road, just like yours. And setting yours apart can get expensive.

So, whether you’re wrapping up a long labor of love, or just getting started,we have a huge selection of chrome accessories to give your car that finishing touch.

We have:

  • Chrome bumper vent trim
  • Chrome headlight trim
  • Chrome trunk lid trim
  • Side marker lamp covers
  • Chrome third brake light covers
  • Chrome spare tire rings…and a whole lot more!

Just put your year / make / model into the search box, and check out all of the Chrome Accessories that we have for your ride!

Pillar Post Trim

The perfect fusion of vintage style and modern construction, QAA Stainless Steel Window Trim delivers the look you want and the longevity you demand. Each piece is custom laser cut from sheets of stainless steel and sculpted for a perfect fit on your particular vehicle. After your trim has been formed, they're polished to a dazzling shine that's just as bright as chrome and survives longer.

Rocker Panels & Side Moldings

Take your ride from ordinary to extraordinary with our Chrome Rocker Panels & Side Molding. Your stock look could use an upgrade and these custom accessories are the perfect way to curb your driving doldrums. Plus, they're custom cut to fit your specific vehicle.

Side Fender Vents

Distinct style is yours when you deck out your ride with Chrome Side Fender Vents. With an eye-popping array of designs, these car side vents add a memorable look to your vehicle. And, Chrome Fender Vents install fast, easy and secure with 3M adhesive.

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