Chrome Mirror Covers

Brighten your vehicle with a set of custom chrome light covers. Crafted from long-lasting ABS, our chrome light trim and chrome light covers are a great single accent or the perfect finishing touch to your total custom chrome package.

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QAA Gloss Black Mirror Covers
Spec-D Chrome Mirror Covers
AVS Chrome Mirror Covers
Putco Chrome Mirror Covers
QAA Chrome Mirror Covers
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Similar to other chrome exterior trim, chrome mirror covers are more than just a styling mod. They are designed to protect the side mirrors from scratches and paint damage while improving the looks and theme of your vehicle.

Chrome mirror covers are an affordable way to add life to the styling of your car, truck, minivan, or SUV. In fact, the flawless and polished finish of our chrome mirror covers will make your vehicle look more expensive. Shiny chrome trim are usually reserved for more costly top-tier models of brand new domestic vehicles and premium European cars, but our chrome mirror covers have the same fit and finish as the OEM counterpart without burning a huge, gaping hole in your pocket.

Installing a set of chrome mirror covers are also perfect if you are planning to adorn your vehicle with other chrome exterior trim such as on the door sills, pillar posts, gas cap, and fenders. There is no need to disassemble the factory side mirrors in your vehicle since the chrome mirror cover will simply adhere to the side mirrors without applying harsh adhesives.

Want to give your vehicle a classic style without spending a lot of cash? Sam’s Motorsports is offering big bargains and discounted prices on Putco, Spec-D, QAA, and AVS chrome mirror covers. We also carry an extensive lineup of chrome fender trims, chrome bumper caps, and chrome door handles from all the best brands that offer the best warranty in the industry.

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