Oil Dipstick

The engine oil dipstick is utilized to determine the amount of oil inside the oil pan. The oil dipstick is a thin and long metal rod that extends in the oil pan so you can get an accurate reading of the oil level without disassembling the motor. It is advisable to check the oil level at least once a week or before taking a long drive. It is dangerous and irresponsible to drive a motor vehicle with critically low levels of oil since this can cause engine malfunction and damage. The oil dipstick is different from the transmission dipstick in cars equipped with an automatic transmission so you better make sure you are checking the right one. If your car needs a brand new oil dipstick, you have come to the right place. Sam’s Motorsports is home to the best oil dipsticks for any type of motor.

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If there ever is one thing that you need to ensure in your vehicle, it's that you must always check its oil level using the oil dipstick. Loss of oil in your system is even more dangerous than loss of fuel. While fuel loss will only prevent your vehicle from being driven, oil loss can cause serious damage to the different parts in your ride, particularly the engine. When the oil is depleted, the engine parts will lose lubrication and friction can cause the parts to heat up fast and get damaged. Therefore, you need to be aware when it's already time to do oil filling and flushing. The oil dipstick is your reliable partner when it comes to checking the level of engine oil in your vehicle. All you have to do is to dip it into the engine and then to read the markings.

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