The stock pulleys from the factory are good for stock applications only. If your vehicle is tuned to provide exhilarating performance, you might want to upgrade the pulleys in the motor as well. It’s a known fact the drive belts can cause noise and poor performance, but the pulleys are actually responsible for governing the movement of the serpentine belts to operate the water pump, alternator, and HVAC system. Aftermarket performance engine pulleys are designed to be lighter and corrosion resistant to deliver peak performance at any RPM. Performance pulleys will also prevent wear and tear on the belts while reducing noises when the engine is in operation. Sam’s Motorsports carries a wide array of engine pulleys, tensioners, and idler assemblies at low and discounted prices.

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aFe Billet Aluminum Power Pulley
Fleece Performance Dual Pump Pulley
Spectre Pulleys
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