Water Outlets

The water outlet or the coolant housing is the contact point between the upper radiator hose and the motor. Depending on the type of vehicle, the water outlet can be made from plastic, metal, or resin. Older vehicles will be fitted with metal water outlets that can deteriorate with poor maintenance and using tap water instead of a coolant and water mixture in the radiator. Plastic or resin water outlets are preferred for newer cars since these are resistant to corrosion and expansion caused by extreme heat or cold. If the engine thermostat needs to be replaced, it is a good idea to check the condition of the coolant housing. Faulty water outlets will cause premature thermostat failure and overheating issues. Sam’s Motorsports is your primary destination for the best quality water outlets and other cooling system components for any type of domestic or import vehicle. We offer all performance parts at discounted prices so you can get your car back on the road in no time at all!

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Spectre Water Neck
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