Fuel Injectors & Rails

Diagnosing a bad or faulty fuel injector can get a bit tricky. Since the fuel injector and rails are responsible for spraying pressurized fuel in the combustion chamber, the symptoms of a bad fuel injector will be the same as when diagnosing faulty ignition coils, worn out spark plugs, or various electrical problems. With poor maintenance and poor fuel quality, the fuel injectors can get clogged up with dirt and varnish as you drive the vehicle. If you recently modified the engine, you should consider upgrading the fuel injectors so the motor can ingest larger amounts of fuel with each press of the gas pedal. Sam’s Motorsports is the perfect place to find top-quality fuel injectors and fuel rails for any type of domestic or import vehicle.

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Fleece Performance Injector Nozzles
Fleece Performance Fuel Distribution Block
Weapon-R Fuel Rail Adapters
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