About GMC

The GMC nomenclature is synonymous with tough and durable pickup trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles. The brand is now known for their luxurious and capable sport-utility vehicles. GMC was formally introduced in 1911 after William C. Durant took over the Reliance Motor Company in 1908 and the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1909. The trucks and SUVs under the GMC and Chevrolet brand share the same platform as both models are manufactured by the same company.

Before Durant took the helm from Max Grabowsky of the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in Pontiac, Michigan, the Rapid name was responsible for producing some of the first trucks in the automotive industry. This trend continued until Durant was ousted from General Motors in 1910 due to unpaid loans. After establishing the Chevrolet brand with Louis Chevrolet in 1911, Durant was able to force himself back into General Motors in 1917. He brought along the Chevrolet name to GM as a high-performance subsidiary.

GMC built an incredible array of commercial and military trucks. In 1913, GMC built the electric furniture delivery truck. In fact, GMC built some of the world’s first electric-powered vehicles. The model 2B and 4A electric flatbed trucks were the first pickup trucks to be powered by electricity. GMC also built more than 550,000 trucks and military vehicles during World War II. GMC also introduced a host of improvements to new trucks in 1927 which included curvier fenders, chrome-plated radiator panels, and standard headlights attached to the radiator of the trucks.

GMC trucks quickly gained fame in the 1930s as the carmaker gave the interior a more comfortable and car-like vibe. After the war, GMC trucks were redesigned with lower, wider, and bolder grilles along with integrated headlamps. The GMC Sierra was first introduced in 1987 and featured a modern and striking aerodynamic body style. Today, the GMC Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD remains one of the most capable and robust pickup trucks in the United States. The GMC Canyon is also a great choice in the compact truck category.

GMC crossovers and SUVs are also known for their toughness and luxurious comfort. The GMC Terrain and GMC Acadia are ideal for small to medium sized families. The full-size GMC Yukon is the perfect SUV for larger families. The GMC brand is also home to the Savana passenger and cargo vehicle. But when it comes to exclusive looks and refinement, GMC is also offering a Denali line for the Terrain, Acadia, Canyon, Sierra 1500, Sierra HD, and Yukon.

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