Horns & Alarms

Vehicles contain a number of safety measures to keep you protected in the event of an accident. Of course, you do not want to have an accident but if one happens, you know you stand a much better chance of walking away than you did 50 years ago. However, vehicles also use things to try to avoid the accident happening in the first place, like ABS brakes, better tires, and horns that need to be working properly as they can get you out of serious trouble.

We all recognize the sound of a car alarm. It is not uncommon to hear the loud sirens blaring in the middle of the night. Most of us ignore the sound and keep sleeping. This is why it is so important that the car alarms of the 21st century do more than simply blast a siren into the night air.

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The horn on your vehicle is important because you can use it to warn other drivers if it looks as though they are about to drive in the same space you are currently driving in. You may also find yourself using it to warn people on the side of the road if you think they are about to step out in front of your vehicle, or even to remind the driver in front of you that the light is green and it is time to go.

Why let stress eat you away when a reliable alarm system can help you get rid of it? Alarm systems minimize the risk of car theft and give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is safe from car thieves. We offer a great selection of premium alarm systems that offer quality and flexibility in one package to fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers. Be smarter and get an advanced alarm system if your iron friend means a lot to you.

Air Horns

Proclaim your presence like a freight train tearing down the tracks with Air Horns from Sam's Motorsports. Train horns deliver the high-powered sound of a locomotive with a booming explosion of compressed air. Available in an assortment of unique tunes, they provide an audible blast of customization.

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