Brian Crower was established to be the producer of affordable but high-quality and high-performance late model internal engine components. Brian Crower product line include stroker kits that fits the most popular sport compact applications and also matching camshafts and valve train parts. These components make up a complete, powerful package that will surely deliver massive torque and horsepower gains, plus great reliability.

Brian Crower is one of the biggest names in Formula D, Rally Cross Series, Time attack, and other major drag events. Their booth is one of the most visited in SEMA and PRI for showcasing the next generation technology in internal engine parts that will make more power than what Brian Crower parts are producing right now. The fame and reputation of Brian Crower parts in the motorsports arena is rooted to their state-of-the-art designing and manufacturing using the best materials in the world.

Every Brian Crower high performance Camshaft are ground on the latest CNC cam grinders to ensure 100% accuracy and tolerances to within .02mm. BC crankshafts are made using CNC machined premium 4340 chromoly steel, giving you the strongest crankshafts ever made. Brian Crower employs a series of tests using state-of-the-art measuring devices for accuracy, defects, and metallurgy.