Here’s a quick fact: did you know that MGP caliper covers are officially licensed by Ford, GM, and Mopar? The American company has 30 years of engineering experience in designing and manufacturing caliper covers that are designed to exacting OEM standards.

Aftermarket caliper covers are more than an aesthetic mod. Yes, they add a more aggressive and sporting style to your car, truck, or SUV. Caliper covers are also designed to deflect brake dust from contaminating the finish of your alloy wheels and suspension components. The covers are also engineered to quickly dissipate heat to maintain braking integrity even in the most demanding conditions.

But there are certain challenges that need to be met in order to produce the highest-quality caliper covers that money can buy. The covers will need to fit exactly on the factory calipers and should meet the OEM wheel clearances to avoid rubbing issues. The covers should be fastened steadily to the caliper even during extreme driving maneuvers. Best of all, the calipers should be easy to install using the most basic of hand tools.

MGP caliper covers were able to successfully meet all those challenges. They started by utilizing the finest, high-grade aerospace-quality aluminum and stainless steel to craft the covers. The metal pieces are CNC-machined to form the perfect fit and are TIG-welded for strength and solid durability. MGP caliper covers are heat soaked, corrosion tested, and track tested to achieve the perfect set of caliper covers that are perfect for street, racing, or off-road applications.

Sam’s Motorsports is your premier destination for affordable MGP brake caliper covers that can be customized to fit the theme of your ride. The custom caliper covers from MGP can be painted in any color and can be designated with custom engravings to proudly display the heritage of your ride.