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Some guys will spend any amount to have the nicest paint job, yet sit behind the wheel surrounded by missing dash knobs, broken vent louvers, torn door handles and duct taped seat cushions. Don’t be that guy. If you’re like us, you like driving your car as much as looking at it, so why not make the inside of your chariot as nice as the outside. Whether you roll stock or custom, we have the parts to make it happen.

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Putco Liquid Pedals Aluminum Pad Set
AVS Stepshield Door Sill Plates
Putco Interior Chrome Kit
QAA Chrome Door Sill Trims
Putco Door Sills
3D Maxpider SolTect Custom-Fit Sun Shades
IPCW Overhead Consoles
Seibon Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
Seibon Carbon Fiber Door Panels
Seibon Carbon Fiber Door Sills
Recon Illuminated Door Sills
Putco SCAD Shift Knob
NRG Innovations Ball Type Honda Shift Knobs
Skunk2 Racing Shift Knob
NRG Innovations Type-R Honda Shift Knobs
Spec-D Shifter Boot
Smittybilt Vaulted Glove Box Door
Smittybilt Entry Guards
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If you’re restoring a classic or muscle car, you want to make the interior just as it was the day the car rolled off the assembly line. We offer authentic reproduction parts from the top restoration parts suppliers that will make your baby showroom new, including dash knobs, gauges, heater and A/C controls, pedal pads, sun visors, shift boots, and more. Each part is manufactured using modern tooling and replicated to the last detail.

Carbon Fiber Trim
Chrome Accessories

There’s nothing like the look of bright chrome against gleaming paint. It’s not just the shine, but chrome’s reflective quality that enchants us. Once you see a car or truck all chromed out, the same model unadorned pales in comparison. If your ride is “chrome challenged”, you’ve come to the right place. We can completely outfit it with chrome, including places the factory never dreamed of, for a unique look that will catch everyone’s gaze.

Door Panels
Door Sill Plates

Some cars are equipped with door sill plates from the factory, while others are not fortunate enough to be equipped with this unique styling mod. Door sill plates are not only designed to improve the appearance and style of the vehicle interior, but they will also protect the plastic door sills from scuffs, scratches, and other visual deformities. Custom door sill plates can come in a bevy of colors and designs along with engraved markings to proudly show-off the make or model of your vehicle every time the doors are opened. Door sill plates can also be equipped with LED lighting and wired to illuminate in tandem with the opening of the doors. Installing door sill plates is an easy and relatively affordable way to improve the interior styling of your car. Check out our wide selection of affordable door sill plates and other interior accessories from all the best brands in the industry.

Glove Box
Hand Brake Handles
Overhead Consoles


So, you’ve applied custom trim to your dash, console and door panels, installed a few aftermarket gauges, a set of leather seat covers, and some plush logo floor mats in your interior. But what about those worn pedals? Even if you haven’t done any interior mods, replacing worn out pedals is a great place to start a cockpit overhaul, and no matter whether you’re thinking of race track inspired pedals or a classic-style gas pedal foot, we have the goods.

Shift Knobs

Make every gear change electrify your driving experience with the perfect shift knob. Select a shift knob with an extreme polish for head-turning interior presence, or grip a contoured race-ready knob that's ready for your road course.

Shifter Boot
Sun Shades

A closed car parked in the sun on a hot summer day becomes a greenhouse, with the windows letting in plenty of sunlight but at the same time trapping heat inside the vehicle. While greenhouses are great for plants, the greenhouse effect isn’t so great for you and your car. You know how uncomfortable it is getting into the car, especially if you’re wearing shorts and you have vinyl or leather seats, but the damage to your car is more than an inconvenience.

Trunk Organizers
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