So, you’ve applied custom trim to your dash, console and door panels, installed a few aftermarket gauges, a set of leather seat covers, and some plush logo floor mats in your interior. But what about those worn pedals? Even if you haven’t done any interior mods, replacing worn out pedals is a great place to start a cockpit overhaul, and no matter whether you’re thinking of race track inspired pedals or a classic-style gas pedal foot, we have the goods.

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Putco Liquid Pedals Aluminum Pad Set
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Along with the steering wheel, the accelerator, brake, and clutch (if equipped) pedals are your primary interface with your vehicle. You have your foot on at least one pedal at all times, and no matter how well they’re made they eventually start showing wear. Sure, you could just replace them with the original type pads, but if you’re a performance enthusiast or just want to be different than everyone else, why not install a set of pedals.

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