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There are many reasons why the engine in a car will need block sleeves. The block sleeves are utilized to protect the cylinder bore and prevent damage. The block sleeves are also utilized to restore the bore size of the cylinder to repair a cracked or damaged motor. Although block sleeves are commonly utilized in gasoline-powered engines, diesel engines can also benefit from this device. High-performance block sleeves will protect the diesel motor from extreme pressures. The main types of block sleeves are the dry and the wet variety. The dry block sleeve is designed not to come into contact with the engine coolant. The wet block sleeve is intended to come in direct contact with the coolant. Sam’s Motorsports is the perfect place to find both wet and dry block sleeves for your car, truck, or SUV

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The cylinders of an engine are the central working parts. It is the space in which a piston travels.

Cylinder walls can become very worn or damaged from use. In such cases, the use of a sleeve or liner can restore proper clearances to an engine.

Sleeves are made out of iron alloys and are very durable. The sleeves can be pressed into place and are held in by an interference fit. The interference fit is done by boring the cylinder (between 3 to 6 thousandths of an inch) smaller than the sleeve being installed, then heating the engine block and while hot, the cold sleeve is inserted. When the engine block cools, it shrinks around the sleeve, holding it place.

Place your custom made cylinder block sleeve with us here at Sam's Motorsports!

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