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Designed for the performance-seeking customers, the MagnaFlow - Competition Series Exhaust Systems delivers maximum performance as advertised. As a top-tier product offering from MagnaFlow, this exhaust system is made from polished stainless steel and mandrel-bent tubing to ensure an enhanced exhaust flow, reduced mass, and better performance. Each component of the system is designed for an aggressive yet re-assuring effect. The steel pipes are mandrel-bent, supported by free-flow mufflers with smooth necks, and a muffler that’s professionally-tuned to dampen the irritating noises and create race engine sounds that have defined the MagnaFlow brand.


  • Polished and manufactured from T-409 stainless steel
  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Reduced exhaust flow restrictions thanks to its straight-through and large tubing
  • Aggressive and race-quality sound courtesy of the muffler
  • Exhaust tip material made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime construction guarantee
  • Made in the United States

Trust the MagnaFlow brand to bring the racetrack performance to everyday driving. For its competition series exhaust system, the company relies once again on its CNC precision robotic manufacturing procedure to come with a precise and premium-looking tubing system. The stainless steel pipes all mandrel-bent to ensure the free-flow of gas and sound. Its smooth flow continues to the smooth and straight-through and perforated tuning pipe. The pipe is then wrapped using a stainless mesh wrap padded with acoustical fiber. And to ensure only the best racing sounds, the system boasts a tuned muffler. From its tubes to the tips, MagnaFlow uses premium materials and tight connections with acoustical materials to ensure durability and race-quality sounds. Due to its aggressive sounds, we highly recommend that you check out your local noise laws and regulations.

As a complete system, the MagnaFlow - Competition Series Exhaust Systems is easy to install and does not require advanced skills and use of advanced tools. There’s no need to cut or drill holes which makes its installation perfect for owners with basic to advanced automotive skills.

Construction-wise, the MagnaFlow - Competition Series Exhaust Systems is a work-of-art. And when it comes to the produced sounds, this exhaust system lives up to the hype as a top-tier product from the company!