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As an entry level performance exhaust system, the MagnaFlow Pro Series Exhaust System packs the same technology and engineering that helped popularized the brand.

Available for multiple trucks from Chevrolet to Nissan Titan, this exhaust system offers 100% stainless steel finish muffles and stainless steel tubing that are mandrel-bent. Also, the unit comes with optional 5”diesel tips which you can purchase separately for maximum performance and aesthetics.

Once installed, the unit offers improved exhaust scavenging and gas flow which translates to more torque and horsepower. Just like other products from the brand, this unit offers that characteristically MagnaFlow sound.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Satin finish muffler
  • Diesel tips optional
  • Free-flow design for enhanced performance
  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Powerful exhaust sound
  • Made in the US

As a market leader in exhaust system, MagnaFlow has consistently provided the market with exhaust systems that exceed customer expectations. A perfect example of this is the Pro Series that’s completely made from stainless steel with the muffler in satin finish.

All the tubes included in the system are mandrel-bent which means that gases flow freely through the system without obstruction. These gases are then transferred to free-flow mufflers that incorporate a straight-through design , smooth necks, and perforated stainless steel pipe. The muffler is tuned and tested eliminate the irritating sounds during performance. And its use of acoustical and other premium materials help create a reliable muffler system that works for a long time.

With its free-flow designed, attention to details, and use of premium materials, it can easily increase horsepower and create aggressive sounds. This exhaust system from MagnaFlow can also serve as a base when improving your vehicle. And since it comes as a complete system with a bolt-on and clamp-on feature, you can easily install the exhaust system with basic automotive skills.