Mud Guards & Mud Flaps

If you drive down dirt roads, or on a jobsite, then you already know how dirty your truck or SUV can get. So save yourself some effort and get a set of mud guards or mud flaps. They’ll keep the side of your ride clean, and inject some style to your rugged machine.

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Husky Liners Custom Mud Guards
Putco Form Fitted Mud Skins
Husky Liners Universal Mud Flaps
Husky Liners Long John Mud Flaps
Husky Liners KickBack Mud Flaps
Rally Armor Urethane Mud Flaps
Husky Liners MudDog Mud Flaps
Rally Armor Urethane Rally Mud Flaps
Rally Armor Basic Mud Flaps
Lund Molded Rubber Mud Flaps
Putco Stainless Steel Mud Flaps
Spec-D Mud Guards
Putco Hex Shield Style Mud Skins
ROCKSTAR Splash Guard Mud Flaps
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Truck mud flaps attach to the rear of your wheel well, providing a shield between the mud and rocks on the road, and the side of your ride. If you drive on anything other than pavement, you’ve probably noticed the scratches and paint stains. A good set of mud flaps will prevent all that. Plus, they add a clean, tough look that isn’t just cosmetic.

Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

Hitch-mounted or towing mud flaps are designed to protect the trailer and other equipment from rocks, water and mud splashes, and other types of road debris. The best hitch mounted mud flaps are equipped with thick thermoplastic or rubberized flaps that are secured by a stainless steel plate. The mud flaps will need to be thick and sturdy enough to knock down rocks and debris. Depending on the brand, most designs of towing mud flaps are super easy to install using the simplest of hand tools. If your truck is a dedicated towing machine, it is wise to invest in a set of hitch-mounted mud flaps. Sam’s Motorsports is home to the best brands of hitch mounted mud flaps at discounted and affordable prices.

Mud Flap Accessories
Mud Flaps

Stop the slop from smearing your vehicle's style! Mud guards reject regular road grime and rocks, keeping your fenders clean and pristine. No matter the style you want, molded splash guards, diamond plate mud guards or dually flaps, we have them!

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