Oracle Lighting H1 Xenon HID Bulb - 10000K - Oracle Lighting 0001-015

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  • Oracle Lighting H1 Xenon HID Bulb - 10000K - Oracle Lighting 0001-015
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Oracle Lighting HID Headlights Replacement Bulbs

HID Headlight Replacement Bulbs by Oracle Lighting. Don’t let the night slow you down! Upgrade to powerful Oracle HID/Xenon light bulbs to blaze your way through the darkness and inclement weather. Thanks to maintaining correct bulb geometry, they’re able to project the light accurately, creating ultra-bright, efficient illumination on the road, without blinding other motorists. Oracle HID/Xenon are perfect both for those who want to replace their burned out bulb or go with whatever color they want.


  • Designed to replace factory HID/Xenon bulbs
  • Simple lighting upgrade for newer vehicles equipped with HID/Xenon lights
  • Replacements for both reflector or projector lights available
  • Made to provide bright, intense illumination for increased visibility
  • Precise geometry to accurately project light onto the road
  • Will help maintain your driving safety in bad weather and at night
  • Installation is simple and easy
  • Sold individually
  • Backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty

Whether you’re replacing a bulb that is no longer working or just want to change the look of your lights, Oracle HID/Xenon light bulbs are the answer. The main complaint about HIDs is that they blind other drivers. Well, if your lights are blinding people that means that the illumination is not on the road – where you need it. Factory headlights are designed so that the light hits the mirrored facets at certain angles to accurately project light onto the road. Oracle HID/Xenon light bulbs are engineered to replicate the effects of the factory bulb and maintain accurate bulb geometry, which puts light on the road instead of into oncoming traffic. They create a bright, perfectly angled beam of light to improve your visibility in after-dark and wicked weather conditions.

Oracle HID/Xenon carry on the tradition of lighting innovation and expertise, providing impeccable quality and trouble-free performance that surpass any other lighting products currently in the market. With Oracle HID/Xenon light bulbs, you’re sure to get the superior level of illumination you need to safely operate your vehicle and command the dark. Oracle AC Ballasts convert the incoming 12V DC power into high-voltage AC Power that ignites and maintains a smooth and consistent stream of energy to the bulb. Alternating Current (AC) ballasts are more stable, have a faster start-up, and prolong the bulb's life.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

While this Oracle Lighting HID Headlights Replacement Bulbs might fit your vehicle, unfortunately we can't guarantee fitment. Please read description and specifications to decide if this part is right for your vehicle.


Color: 10000K
Qty Sold: Sold Individually
Bulb Size: H1
Warranty: 12 Months