Oracle Lighting LED ColorSHIFT - Simple Halo Kit for Headlights - Oracle Lighting 2327-504

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  • Oracle Lighting LED ColorSHIFT - Simple Halo Kit for Headlights - Oracle Lighting 2327-504

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Oracle Lighting Color Halo Kit For Headlights

Color Halo Kit For Headlights by Oracle Lighting. Plasma Halos combine both technologies of CCFL and SMD, offering a high-intensity light output with a smooth glow. The Plasma LED technology is not only brighter than previous LED Halo rings, but also features consistent lighting and appears as one solid ring rather than individual LEDs.


  • Intricately engineered to deliver the most powerful light output
  • Mind-boggling design, extraordinary look, and lasting value
  • Intended to help you stand out from the crowd of look-alikes
  • Unique features are incorporated and quality is not compromised
  • Expected to flawlessly and efficiently serve year in and year out

Looking for an easy way to personalize your vehicle and give it a luxurious touch? Tired of factory lights and want to modify them somehow? This bespoke Oracle Halo kit is the very thing. Featuring an overwhelming design and a head-turning look, it will satisfy your highly distinguished tastes. What is more, the Halos of the kit deliver tremendous performance and provide the brightest light output, edging out all other Halos available. Sporting impressive quality and ensuring seamless operation, this top-notch Halo kit is a true delight to drive with. So, when it comes to efficiency, safety, and ingenuity, choose Oracle, choose perfection!

What's Included

  • Oracle Halos
  • ColorSHIFT Simple Controller
  • Vehicle Specific Wiring
  • Installation Instructions

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING


  • Headlight assembly NOT included. The kit includes only Halo Rings
  • White and amber are the legal colors Nationwide. Red and blue are considered emergency vehicle lights and are not legal. Driving Laws can vary from state to state, please verify with your state laws, prior to making your Halo color selection
  • Oracle Lighting LED ColorSHIFT - Simple Halo Kit for Headlights 2327-504 is available for the following vehicles:

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    Year range Make Model
    2003-2007 Infiniti FX35
    If this Oracle Lighting Color Halo Kit For Headlights is not exactly what you are looking for to accessorize your 2003-2007 Infiniti FX35, please don't give up just yet. Our catalog has huge selection of parts and accessories for your Infiniti FX35.


    Color: ColorSHIFT
    Position: Headlights
    ColorSHIFT Controller: ColorSHIFT Simple Controller With Remote
    Halo Type: SMD
    Warranty: 12 Months