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Seat covers will protect the stock fabric seats in your vehicle. You can also look into installing a set of seat covers if you are looking to jazz up an otherwise boring and dull interior. Seat covers can be made from different fabrics depending on the brand. Cloth seat covers come in all sorts of colors and designs that are custom made to fit the seats of your import or domestic vehicle. Leather seat covers will give the interior a premium look while sheepskin seat covers are meant to enhance the comfort or plush ride of your vehicle. We also have pet seat covers to protect the seats from accidental stains. Give your vehicle a more customized vibe with our extensive lineup of seat covers for your car, truck, van, or SUV.

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Canvas is a durable fabric utilized in the making of seat covers, tops, and tonneau covers. While the bland and utilitarian nature of canvass is not ideal for car seat covers, pickup trucks will benefit more from the durability and easy-to-clean nature of canvass bench seats. Canvass is strong enough to resist cuts and tears while retaining the ability to repel dirt and stains. This is ideal if you carry tools, pets, and other equipment in the interior of your truck. Canvass can come in many colors and patterns to match the interior theme of your ride. Check out our selection of canvas bench seat covers, canvas tonneau covers, and even canvass covers for the first-row seats to protect the interior of your vehicle for the long haul.


Nothing beats the texture and aroma of brand-new genuine leather seats. But if your car or truck was not equipped with leather seats from the factory, you can always install leather seat covers to achieve a premium and classy interior vibe. But buying genuine leather-covered seats will cost an arm and a leg, right? Thankfully, our lineup of leather seat covers are a more affordable option. Leather demands a lot more care and maintenance compared to cloth but it is hard to argue with the look and feel of high-quality leather-covered seats. Leather also comes in many different colors, textures, and designs to cleanly match with the stock interior colors of your ride. Leather is also easy to clean but requires the use of leather cleaner and leather conditioner to enhance the look and feel of the material. Check out our lineup of leather seat covers for any type of import or domestic car to find out a more affordable way to dress up the interior of your import or domestic vehicle.

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Saddle Blanket

Saddle blanket seat covers are a stylish and fun way to customize the interior of your vehicle. Saddle blankets can be installed on new seats but they are most ideal to cover up the imperfections on the front and second-row seats. If your vehicle has torn or worn out seats, saddle blanket seat covers is a more affordable option. Saddle blankets will also protect the interior against spills, stains, pet hair, and crumbs. The material will also protect the seats from any further damage. The best part about saddle blankets is the variety of colors and designs to choose from. You can go from mild to wild depending on your preference! Check out our selection of affordable and discounted saddle blanket seat covers for your import or domestic car, truck, or SUV to find out a more classical way to jazz up the interior of your ride.

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