Tie Rods

The tie rods are a critical part of the rack-and-pinion steering system. The tie rods are responsible for moving the wheels in either direction. The tie rods are prone to wear and tear as your vehicle rides over bumps, potholes, and minor undulations on the road surface. Since the tie rods are attached to the ends of the steering rack, the first signs of a faulty tie rod are imprecise or floaty steering and a weird knocking sound that can be heard as you turn the steering wheel. Check out Sam’s Motorsports’ lineup of tie rods and other steering and suspension components and learn how easy it is to save on a brand new set of tie rods for your ride.

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aFe PFADT Series Rear Tie Rods
Voodoo 13 Offset Steering Rack Extenders
ReadyLIFT Tie Rod Sleeve Reinforement Kit
ReadyLIFT Replacement Tie Rod Kit
Fleece Performance Tie Rod Reinforcing Sleeve
Pedders Suspension Tie Rod Ends
Voodoo 13 Tie Rod Ends
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Showing 1 to 7 of 7 (1 Pages)