Strut Tower Bars

A MacPherson strut combines the coil spring and shock absorber in one unit. In this system all of the vertical suspension load is transmitted to the top of the strut tower. This loading can cause the strut towers and chassis to flex during hard cornering, which can result in poor steering response, cowl shake, and understeer in turns. A strut tower bar reduces strut tower flex by connecting the two strut towers together.

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Whiteline Strut Tower Brace Quick Release Kit
Whiteline Strut Tower Brace
Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bars
AEM Strut Bars
Spec-D Strut Bars
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To get the most out of your car, the tires must have the most possible contact with the road, for optimal traction and steering control. More importantly, the car has to feel stable and predictable so you have the confidence to push the car further to its limits. A chassis that flexes won’t allow the tires to stay flat on the tarmac and makes for a car that lacks responsiveness and feel. A strut tower bar will give your chassis the necessary rigidity.

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