Track Safety

If your car is a frequent track day machine, you should invest in high-quality track safety gear. Your safety is the most important aspect when you’re out on the track. Equip you and your vehicle with proper track safety gear to increase your chances of surviving a fire or unfortunate crash. Track safety gear includes auto racing helmets, driving shoes, gloves, racing harnesses, driving suits, fire extinguishers, and other safety gear. Even if you drive a humble subcompact city car, having a small extinguisher will mean the difference between life and death.

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Cipher Auto Direct-Fit Racing Harness Bars
aFe PFADT Series Tow Hooks
NRG Innovations Bolt-In Tow Straps
Smittybilt SRC Roll Cage Kit
Smittybilt XRC Exoskeleton
Mishimoto Borne Billet Tow Hook
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Arm Harness
Harness Bars

Your seat belt, along with your car's other default safety system, is usually enough to keep you safe - but will you just settle for "safe" when you know you can be safer?

When you’re driving fast, control is important. Your seating position determines how well you can reach the pedals and wheel. And your drivers seat is responsible for keeping your butt planted in the right spot. Check out our harness bars to help keep your tush secure.

Roll Cage
Tow Hooks

Whether you are an off-road adventurer or daily commuter, you probably have been down that slippery and muddy road. And you know that getting stuck in the mud hole is not the most enjoyable and fun experience to say the least. No matter how big and powerful your truck or SUV is and how skillful of a driver you are – nobody's perfect and no vehicle's invincible. So every off-road warrior needs to have a tow hook to get unstuck from time to time.

Tow Straps
Window Net
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