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Whether you are an off-road adventurer or daily commuter, you probably have been down that slippery and muddy road. And you know that getting stuck in the mud hole is not the most enjoyable and fun experience to say the least. No matter how big and powerful your truck or SUV is and how skillful of a driver you are – nobody's perfect and no vehicle's invincible. So every off-road warrior needs to have a tow hook to get unstuck from time to time.

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aFe PFADT Series Tow Hooks
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Mud and rain might be the driver's worst enemies but with a strong tow hook, nothing can scare you. At Sam's Motorsports we carry a nice selection of heavy-duty tow hooks designed for recovering big vehicles. They can be fitted to the vehicle's frame or inserted in the socket on your hitch receiver to provide a secure spot for fastening a cable or strap. Before heading off to the wilderness, don't forget to equip your monster with a tow hook you'll find here.

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