Transmission & Drivetrain

After bolting on a set of go-fast performance parts to the engine, you also need to pay attention to the transmission and drivetrain of your vehicle. All that power will amount to nothing if your transmission and drivetrain is not par for the task at hand. The main job of the transmission and the drivetrain is to transfer the power of the motor to the wheels of your vehicle. If the front/rear axle shafts, bearings, C-clips, U-joints, and CV-joints are unable to handle the power and torque output of the motor, you might end up falling short on the finish line. Take a close look at our comprehensive lineup of transmission and drivetrain components for any type of import and domestic vehicle. Sam’s Motorsports is offering clutch disc kits, release bearings, short throw shifters, flywheels, and other drivetrain components from all the best brands at discounted prices.

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Weapon-R Short Shifter Adaptor Kit
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Clutch Masters Lightweight Steel Flywheels
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ACT Clutch Release Bearings
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ACT Prolite XACT Flywheels
Clutch Masters 725 Series Steel Flywheels
Clutch Masters 850 Series Steel Flywheels
Exedy OEM Clutch Master Cylinders
Exedy Racing Replacement Parts
Clutch Masters FX500 Series Clutch Kit
Clutch Masters 850 Series Aluminum Flywheels
ACT Heavy Duty Street Single Disc Clutch Kit
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Axle Shafts

The axle shafts are part of the axle assembly. It is simply a rotating or revolving shaft that turns the wheels. The axle shaft is also called the half shaft and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific application. The axle bearing is connected to the inner end of the axle shaft and is connected to the differential or transmission of the vehicle. The axle shafts are responsible in supporting and aligning the axle shaft for a smoother operation. Adding power to the engine will require a stronger, lighter, and more dependable set of axle shafts. Check out our lineup of top-brand axle shafts and axle bearings here at Sam’s Motorsports so you can pay less money while improving the reliability and performance of your vehicle.

Clutch Bearings

The clutch bearings in your vehicle have an important job to do. The clutch bearings or throwout bearings are responsible for moving the pressure plate away from the clutch disc. If the clutch bearings fail, you are sure to damage the clutch pressure plate and the clutch disk. There is also a risk of destroying the throwout bearing lever and cause significant damage to the flywheel as well. If you hear grinding or squealing noises when you step on the clutch pedal, it is a sign of imminent failure. Replace the stock clutch bearings with a better set of aftermarket clutch bearings here at Sam’s Motorsports. We offer clutch bearings at the best and lowest prices in the market.

Clutch Cables

The manual transmission can be equipped with either a hydraulic or mechanical linkage. If your vehicle is equipped with a mechanical clutch linkage, it is important to check the condition of the clutch cables on a regular basis. The clutch cables will need to be periodically adjusted as you pile on the miles to deliver a smooth and consistent operation. The clutch and lever linkage is equipped with a lot of components and they all depend on the clutch cables to smoothly engage and disengage the clutch. Newer vehicles are equipped with plastic bushings and grommets on the clutch cable pivot points that require less lubrication. If you need to quality clutch cables, you have come to the right place. Sam’s Motorsports has a large inventory of top quality clutch cables at discounted prices.

Clutch Discs

The clutch disc is the components that transfers the power of the motor to the drivetrain components in your vehicle. A weak or burning clutch will seriously affect the performance of your vehicle. When you step on the pedal, the clutch disc is partially disconnected to the rotating flywheel, allowing you to change gears. After the pedal is released the clutch disc will once again engage with the flywheel and transmit the torque to the wheels of the vehicle. Symptoms of a bad clutch disc are clutch noises, sliding, weak acceleration, and difficulty shifting gears. If you are looking for quality replacement clutch discs and clutch components, look into Sam’s Motorsports lineup of clutch discs from the best brands in the industry.

Clutch Kits

After adding horsepower and torque, you seriously need to consider the clutch kit in your vehicle. The stock clutch kit from the factory is designed for bone stock vehicles. But if your car is tuned to produce more horsepower, you need a better set of performance clutch kits. The clutch kits will include the discs, pressure plate, and the release bearings. Since adding power to the motor will demand a better set of transmission components, you need a reliable clutch kit that is designed to handle a higher torque capacity. Whether you are searching for OEM or performance clutch kits, Sam’s Motorsports has you covered. We offer clutch kits at discounted prices so you spend less on a better set of clutch components for any type of import or domestic vehicle.

Clutch Lines
Clutch Master Cylinders

If your vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic manual transmission, you will need to periodically check the condition of the clutch master cylinder and the slave cylinder. The master cylinder is a small reservoir that stores the brake or hydraulic fluid. The slave cylinder is connected to the master cylinder via a series of hoses. Pressing on the clutch pedal will allow the brake fluid to flow from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder, enabling you to engage the cutch. Internal and external wear of the seals in the clutch master cylinder will cause fluid leaks either on the inside or outside of your vehicle. It is good practice to replace the slave cylinder together with the clutch master cylinders to ensure consistent and reliable operation. Sam’s Motorsports has a large inventory of clutch master cylinders and clutch parts at discounted prices.

Clutch Parts & Components

Whenever you are adding horsepower and torque to the engine, the components of the suspension and clutch will also need to be considered to achieve a higher level of performance. You should pay careful attention to the clutch parts and components of your vehicle in order to effectively transfer the torque of the motor to the drive wheels. The clutch flywheels and clutch linkages will need to be in perfect shape to efficiently convert the power of the motor into exhilarating forward motion. Sam’s Motorsports is home to an intensive variety of the best clutch parts and components from the most popular brands at friendly and discounted prices.

Clutch Pressure Plates

The clutch pressure plate or the driving member is bolted directly to the flywheel of the motor. The main job of the clutch pressure plate is to exert pressure against the clutch plate. This allows the clutch to transfer the rotating motion of the flywheel to the driving wheels. The clutch pressure plate is also responsible for releasing the clutch so you can change gears as you drive. The clutch pressure plate will usually consist of a heavy metal plate, release levers, diaphragm springs or coil springs, and a metal cover. The clutch pressure plates should be replaced whenever you replace the clutch disc and the release bearings. Check out Sam’s Motorsports’ wide inventory of clutch pressure plates and other clutch components so you can restore the smooth clutch action in your import or domestic vehicle.

Clutch Slave Cylinders

The clutch slave cylinder is connected to the clutch master cylinder. In some cases, the slave cylinder is located inside the transmission so you need to open the transmission case to gain access to the slave cylinder. The main job of the clutch slave cylinder is to receive hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to disengage the clutch. This will allow you to shift gears as you drive. The main symptoms of a bad or failing clutch master cylinder can be manifested by a spongy clutch pedal, contaminated brake fluid, fluid leaks, or the inability to shift gears even when the clutch pedal is pressed. If you need to replace the clutch slave cylinders, you should also consider replacing the clutch master cylinder.

Differential Covers

Differential Mounts

When it comes to tuning the acceleration and handling of your high-performance vehicle, it is easy to overlook the importance of the differential mounts. The OEM differential mounts are manufactured using stiff rubber to absorb shock and prevent traction loss. But if your vehicle is tuned to deliver track-capable performance, the stock components should be replaced with a better set of aftermarket solid differential mounts. Solid differential mounts are better since they can eliminate wheel hop, traction loss, and the annoying ‘clunk’ sound when you’re shifting hard. Replacing the differential mounts will also improve the throttle response and cornering abilities of your vehicle. If you are looking for a quality set of differential mounts, check out the inventory here at Sam’s Motorsports. We offer differential mounts at low prices from all the best brands in the industry.

Fill Plugs & Sight Glass


The flywheel is an important part of the transmission. The clutch flywheel provides a connection to transfer power between the motor and the transmission. But the flywheel is more than just a mechanical device that stores rotational energy. It is also responsible for providing the rotational inertia required to keep the engine in motion. It is also a critical part in starting the engine courtesy of the starter ring. The flywheel in your vehicle is weighed carefully to provide the perfect balance for the crankshaft of the motor. Replacing the stock flywheel with a lighter and more durable aftermarket flywheel will significantly reduce weight and help the motor to spin faster. Consider Sam’s Motorsports when it comes to high-performance clutch and transmission components for any type of domestic or import vehicle. Replacing the stock flywheel will help your vehicle to accelerate faster while ensuring smooth and reliable gear changes.

Gearbox Mounts

Oil Temperature Sensors

The desired effect of a short shifter is to reduce the distance your hand needs to move to engage the next gear, thus reducing the amount of time spent shifting, reducing wasted time between shifts, and resulting in improved performance. A common misconception in the tuning world is that a short shifter is just a chopped off version of the stock shifter. In fact, chopping your shifter has no effect on the angle that your shifter shaft travels through between gears and therefore does not reduce the shifter's angular throw.

Transfer Case
Transmission Coolers

The engine is not the only component under the hood that needs to be constantly cooled. The automatic transmission also needs a separate cooler to combat heat stress. The transmission coolers in your vehicle are very similar to the radiator of the engine. But unlike the radiator, the transmission cooler is designed to remove excessive heat from the transmission oil or automatic transmission fluid (ATF). An overabundance of heat is the primary killer of automatic transmissions, particularly in heavy-duty pickup trucks, SUVs, and high-performance vehicles. Upgrading the transmission coolers in your vehicle will improve the performance, efficiency, and service life of the transmission. Take a look at the exciting array of top quality transmission coolers only here at Sam’s Motorsports. We offer a wide range of clutch and transmission components for import and domestic vehicles all at discounted prices.

Transmission Cooling

The transmission cooling system is similar to the radiator of the engine. It utilizes the movement of air over the fins of the cooler to lower the temperature of the transmission fluid. The fluid is pumped in a continuous loop over the return line. This ensures sufficient transmission cooling even if your vehicle is stuck in traffic. The transmission cooler is usually located in the front or behind the radiator in your vehicle. Overheating fluid can cause a variety of symptoms like slipping and significant loss of performance. Excessive heat buildup can also damage the automatic transmission, which will cost thousands of dollars to repair. Sam’s Motorsports carries a good array of transmission coolers and other clutch and transmission components to ensure your vehicle is always ready to hit the road.

Transmission Dipsticks

Similar to the engine oil dipstick, the transmission is also equipped with a separate dipstick. The transmission dipstick is used to determine the level of ATF or automatic transmission fluid inside the oil reservoir. The automatic transmission requires the right level of ATF to perform optimally. Either a loss or excess of fluid might result in mediocre performance and transmission damage. The ATF is not only used to lubricate the vital moving parts inside the transmission. The fluid is also utilized to effectively cool the hot components in the transmission. The fluid is continuously pumped to the transmission coolers to lower the temperature of the ATF. It is a good idea to check the fluid level of the transmission whenever you check the oil level of the engine. Significant fluid loss is a cause for concern and should be diagnosed immediately.

Transmission Filters

Transmission Fluids

Transmission Pans

It is easy to overlook the importance of upgrading the transmission pans in your vehicle. Aftermarket transmission pans are engineered to hold a larger amount of ATF or automatic transmission fluid. This will ensure the longevity and protection that your transmission deserves while giving you maximum performance in any type of driving application on any type of weather. Aftermarket transmission pans are also crafted from lightweight and durable materials for better heat dissipation and lasting durability. If your high-performance car or SUV is equipped with an automatic transmission, consider upgrading the stock transmission pan especially if the stock motor is tuned to produce additional horsepower and torque. Check out the best aftermarket transmission pans and transmission components at Sam’s Motorsports and find out how you can pay less in your next performance upgrade.

Transmission Sensors
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