The flywheel is an important part of the transmission. The clutch flywheel provides a connection to transfer power between the motor and the transmission. But the flywheel is more than just a mechanical device that stores rotational energy. It is also responsible for providing the rotational inertia required to keep the engine in motion. It is also a critical part in starting the engine courtesy of the starter ring. The flywheel in your vehicle is weighed carefully to provide the perfect balance for the crankshaft of the motor. Replacing the stock flywheel with a lighter and more durable aftermarket flywheel will significantly reduce weight and help the motor to spin faster. Consider Sam’s Motorsports when it comes to high-performance clutch and transmission components for any type of domestic or import vehicle. Replacing the stock flywheel will help your vehicle to accelerate faster while ensuring smooth and reliable gear changes.

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Clutch Masters Lightweight Steel Flywheels
Clutch Masters Lightweight Aluminum Flywheels
Clutch Masters 850 Series Steel Flywheels
Clutch Masters 850 Series Aluminum Flywheels
Clutch Masters 725 Series Steel Flywheels
Clutch Masters 725 Series Aluminum Flywheels
Exedy Lightweight Flywheels
Exedy OEM Flywheels
ACT Streetlite XACT Flywheels
ACT Prolite XACT Flywheels
ACT Flywheel Counterweights
Fidanza Steel Flywheels
Fidanza Nodular Iron Flywheels
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels
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Showing 1 to 14 of 14 (1 Pages)