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It is easy to overlook the importance of upgrading the transmission pans in your vehicle. Aftermarket transmission pans are engineered to hold a larger amount of ATF or automatic transmission fluid. This will ensure the longevity and protection that your transmission deserves while giving you maximum performance in any type of driving application on any type of weather. Aftermarket transmission pans are also crafted from lightweight and durable materials for better heat dissipation and lasting durability. If your high-performance car or SUV is equipped with an automatic transmission, consider upgrading the stock transmission pan especially if the stock motor is tuned to produce additional horsepower and torque. Check out the best aftermarket transmission pans and transmission components at Sam’s Motorsports and find out how you can pay less in your next performance upgrade.

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aFe Transmission Pan
Spectre Transmission Pans
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As you know, automatic transmissions need a transmission pan in order to hold all of the ATF (automatic transmission fluid). That ATF is needed for fluid pressure, lubrication, and cooling. But did you know they do more than just act as a container? Besides playing an important role for your vehicle, there are also many different types of transmission pans you can install besides the stock pan. Some can actually help to improve the transmission’s performance.

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