Truck Bed Accessories

Having a truck means that you can nearly go anywhere, while hauling just about anything. And the right truck bed accessories from us can help you do even more. We have everything from truck bed mats, to tailgate ramps.

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AMP Research BedXtender HD Max Bed Extender
UnderCover Swing Case Truck ToolBox
AMP Research BedXtender HD Sport Bed Extender
AMP Research BedStep Bumper Step
AMP Research BedXtender HD Bracket Kit
AMP Research BedXtender HD Moto Bed Extender
Pace Edwards PowerGate Tailgate Lock
Access Total Bed Seal
TruXedo Truck Bed Stake Pocket Cover
TruXedo Truck Luggage Expedition Cargo Sling
TruXedo Truck Luggage Sadlebag
TruXedo Truck Bed Extender Adapter Kit
Roll-N-Lock Cargo Manager Rolling Truck Bed Divider
ADD F-Series Bed Cage
Putco Push-Up Tie Downs
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A truck bed is really just a big metal box that you can haul stuff in. However, we have truck bed accessories that can make that big box a little more useful. For example, we have truck tailgate ramps (like Lund Folding Aluminum Truck Ramp) that can help you load just about anything. And we even have truck tailgate ladders that’ll help you get in & out easily.

Cargo Nets & Tie Downs

Cargo nets and tie-downs are standard accessories for working trucks. The most basic form are utility nets that are designed to secure light cargo. Polypropylene cargo nets are rated for light duty use and are easy to install. If you need to secure heavier objects, you should choose a cargo net and tie down crafted from durable polyester. But when it comes to extremely large or heavy objects, nothing can keep them safer and more secure than a heavy-duty nylon cargo net. Cargo nets and tie downs are not only ideal for pickup trucks. They are also ideal for large SUVs and station wagons to prevent the cargo from shuffling around as you traverse a variety of roads. Sam’s Motorsports is home to a big array of cargo nets and tie-downs for any type of car, truck, or SUV.

Stake Pocket Covers

Stake pocket covers are designed exclusively to match the make and model of your pickup truck. Stake pocket covers are essential accessories that are designed to protect the truck bed and cargo from harsh weather elements like dust, dirt, and moisture. Stake pocket covers are made from sturdy and impact-resistant ABS plastic that will easily snap into the stake pocket holes. The covers are usually sold in sets of four covers so you got everything you need to cover all the stake holes in the truck bed. Sam’s Motorsports is the best place to search and buy stake pocket covers for any type of import or domestic truck. We offer discounted prices on all types of truck bed accessories and offer the convenience of free delivery.

Tailgate Bed Extenders

Truck bed extenders will increase the load hauling area of the truck bed. If you are planning to carry large items like long planks of wood, ladders, and even motorcycles on the truck bed, your rig will benefit the most from a quality truck bed extender. Most designs are compatible with truck tonneau covers so you can still cover the bed with the bed extender installed. Truck bed extenders can come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors to choose from so you can choose the right bed extender for any type of cargo. Most bed extenders will still function properly even if the tailgate is closed. Simply flip it inside to keep tools and smaller cargo contained in the bed. Sam’s Motorsports carries a wide array of truck bed extenders from all the best brands in the industry.

Tailgate Locks

The tailgate in your truck is like a fifth door. It needs to be locked when the truck is parked to protect the cargo from theft. However, the tailgate is larger and a bit heavier than the doors. The tailgate lock is prone to damage caused by excessive force, vibration, and misalignment. There are two types of tailgate locks: manual and powered. The manual tailgate lock can only be unlocked using a separate key. Powered tailgate locks are better because it will lock or unlock in conjunction with the doors of your vehicle. All you need is to press a button. We have a large inventory of tailgate locks for any type of domestic or import truck. A broken tailgate lock is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Make sure to have the tailgate latch aligned properly before installing new tailgate locks to avoid problems later on.

Tailgate Seals

Did you recently install a tonneau cover, bed topper, or truck cap in the bed of your rig? We’re hoping you didn’t forget to install tailgate seals. You should keep in mind that unlike the doors in the cabin, the tailgate and the bed are not sealed from the factory. The wide gaps around the tailgate will make it easy for rain, dust, dirt, snow, and mud to enter the truck bed, even if your truck is fitted with a tonneau cover. Dirt and moisture can damage both the cargo and bed of your truck. Make sure to install a quality set of tailgate weather-strip seals to better protect the cargo and the bed. Tailgate seals are vehicle specific so you need to specify the make and model of your rig. Luckily for you, we have an impressive inventory of tailgate seals and upper tailgate hardtop seals for any type of import or domestic truck.

Tailgate Steps

Modern trucks have grown in size and height compared to the trucks of yesteryear. This makes it increasingly difficult to get in and out of the vehicle, particularly in the tailgate. Tailgate steps are the answer that will make it increasingly easy to access the truck bed. If your truck was not equipped with tailgate steps, we have good news for you. We have an extensive lineup of truck bed steps or tailgate steps for any type of domestic or import truck. The best part is the easy, bolt-on installation that requires no welding. Our tailgate steps are vehicle specific and are designed to fit cleanly without disturbing the clean lines of your vehicle. There are some models of tailgate steps that retract unobtrusively when not in use. You should definitely install tailgate steps if you do a lot of cargo hauling in your rig.

Truck Bed Lights

Truck bed lights are similar to the interior lights in your rig. They illuminate the bed with a simple press of a button to make it easier to sort cargo and equipment in the dark. Truck bed lights are also ideal for camping and any type of outdoor activities. Most new trucks are not fitted with truck bed lights from the factory. Installing LED lights in the truck bed will not only make your vehicle more stylish and safe, but it will allow you to work precisely in the darkest conditions so you can get the job done even in the blackness of night. The best part is that our lineup of truck bed lights are easy to install and only requires a bit of wiring to complete the job. Check out our selection of weatherproof and ultra-bright LED truck bed lights for any type of import or domestic vehicle.

Truck Bed Organizers

You can think of the truck bed as a blank canvass. It is up to you to fill up the space with a wide assortment of truck bed organizers to arrange your cargo in a safe and professional manner. Truck bed organizers includes digital shelves, storage pockets, drawer systems, and even cargo bars. Cargo nets and tie downs can only do so much. If you frequently carry tools, firearms, ammunition, and small items in the truck bed, investing in a quality set of truck bed organizers will not only make it easier to organize your cargo in a clean manner, but it will also protect the truck bed from scuffs and scratches. It will also prevent your stuff from shuffling or moving around as you drive the truck. Check out our selection of truck bed organizers from all your favorite brands. We offer the lowest discounted prices on all sorts of truck bed shelves, drawers, storage pockets, and tool boxes for any type of import or domestic truck.

Truck Loading Ramps

Truck loading ramps are a more convenient way to load and unload heavy equipment in the truck bed. Loading ramps are constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum and can come in a variety of sizes and designs. The most popular truck loading ramps are the foldable variety that can easily be stored in the bed when not in use. Truck loading ramps are engineered to be durable enough to accommodate a higher load capacity. Planning to carry your ATV, motorcycle, lawnmower, or bicycle on the truck bed? Save yourself the hassle by investing in a heavy-duty set of truck loading ramps.

Truck Tailgates

Truck tailgates make your truck more versatile for work or play. From flow-through tailgates to 5th wheel tailgates, our truck tailgates are born for utility.

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