Tailgate Locks

The tailgate in your truck is like a fifth door. It needs to be locked when the truck is parked to protect the cargo from theft. However, the tailgate is larger and a bit heavier than the doors. The tailgate lock is prone to damage caused by excessive force, vibration, and misalignment. There are two types of tailgate locks: manual and powered. The manual tailgate lock can only be unlocked using a separate key. Powered tailgate locks are better because it will lock or unlock in conjunction with the doors of your vehicle. All you need is to press a button. We have a large inventory of tailgate locks for any type of domestic or import truck. A broken tailgate lock is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Make sure to have the tailgate latch aligned properly before installing new tailgate locks to avoid problems later on.

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Pace Edwards PowerGate Tailgate Lock
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