Tailgate Seals

Did you recently install a tonneau cover, bed topper, or truck cap in the bed of your rig? We’re hoping you didn’t forget to install tailgate seals. You should keep in mind that unlike the doors in the cabin, the tailgate and the bed are not sealed from the factory. The wide gaps around the tailgate will make it easy for rain, dust, dirt, snow, and mud to enter the truck bed, even if your truck is fitted with a tonneau cover. Dirt and moisture can damage both the cargo and bed of your truck. Make sure to install a quality set of tailgate weather-strip seals to better protect the cargo and the bed. Tailgate seals are vehicle specific so you need to specify the make and model of your rig. Luckily for you, we have an impressive inventory of tailgate seals and upper tailgate hardtop seals for any type of import or domestic truck.

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Lund Genesis Tailgate Seal
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