Truck Tool Boxes

Truck tool boxes will make it effortless to carry and store precious cargo in the bed of your truck. They also offer added security even if your truck is not equipped with a tonneau cover. Truck toolboxes are equipped with a latch and locking mechanism that can only be opened using a separate key. When choosing a tool box for your truck, you should carefully consider the size, load capacity, construction, and all-weather capabilities of the box. Since the toolbox will be constantly exposed to the elements as you drive, you should choose a toolbox that offers a high degree of protection against dirt and moisture to protect your cargo. Take a moment to view our offerings of truck toolboxes and organizers for any type of domestic or import truck. We offer the lowest discounted prices on all truck tool boxes so you can save more without compromising the capabilities of your pickup truck.

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BAK BAKBox 2 Utility Storage Box
UnderCover Swing Case Truck ToolBox
TruXedo TonneauMate Truck Toolbox
Lund Ultima Single Lid Crossover Tool Boxes
Lund Ultima Dual Lid Gull-Wing Crossover Tool Boxes
Lund Challenger Low Profile Single Lid Crossover Tool Boxes
Lund SFL Series Standard Single Lid Chest Tool Boxes
Lund Challenger Dual Lid Gull-Wing Crossover Tool Boxes
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Crossover Tool Boxes

There is a lot of confusion regarding the name and design of truck tool boxes. Crossover tool boxes are categorized according to the lid design. Crossover tool boxes are usually equipped with a single lid that runs the entire length of the box. It can also be equipped with dual lids or ‘gull wing’ lids similar to the doors of the Mercedes SLS AMG. Crossover tool boxes are designed to work with standard truck tonneau covers for added convenience. This feature will also offer double the security to prevent theft. Choose from our impressive selection of crossover tool boxes for any make and model of import or domestic truck.

Flush Mount Tool Boxes

We have a wide selection of flush mount toolboxes for any make and model of import or domestic truck. Flush mount toolboxes are ideal for personal and commercial use. Installing a tool box in the bed of your truck will significantly improve the storage capabilities of your truck without sacrificing some much needed space in the bed. Truck toolboxes can come in a variety of makes and designs. The best flush mount toolboxes are made of lightweight aluminum, heavy-duty steel, or lightweight and weather-resistant ABS plastic. Most toolboxes are removable and can be carried directly into the job site for hassle-free convenience. Don’t leave your tools exposed in the bed. Get a flush mount toolbox to organize all your tools in the safest and most convenient way possible.

Portable Tool Boxes

Portable tool boxes are an innovative way to carry tools and other equipment in the truck bed. Instead of leaving your tools scattered in the truck bed, investing in a portable toolbox will help to organize all your precious stuff and protect them from scratches, scuffs, and weather damage. Most portable toolboxes are sealed to keep away dirt, dust, and moisture from entering the tool box. Some of them can be installed on the side of the bed and they simply slide towards the tailgate when you need to access the stuff inside the box. When the going gets tough, simply remove the toolbox from the bed and carry it to the nearest workplace in a single go. Simply put the tool box back in the bed when you’re done. Check out our offerings of the best portable toolboxes for your import or domestic truck.

Side Mount Tool Boxes

Side mount tool boxes are a great alternative to flush mount or trailer tongue storage bins. The tool box is designed to rest on the side of the bed for easier access. Simply reach over the bed to grab your stuff from the side mount toolbox. Truck bed storage bins are available in an array of designs and storage capacities. If you frequently carry a lot of tools in the bed, you should go for a larger storage box. The great thing about side mount tool boxes is the versatility. They can be removed from the bed and carried directly into the work site. Aluminum, steel, or ABS plastic storage boxes are the most popular variety.

Specialty Tool Boxes

Specialty tool boxes are a great addition to your import or domestic truck. These storage boxes are a bit more expensive compared to ordinary side mount or flush mount tool boxes. Specialty tool boxes are also tailored to fit in the bed of a specific make and model so got to make sure to choose the right version for your import or domestic truck. Specialty storage boxes are designed to have separate drawers and compartments to effectively organize all your tools, camping gear, and sports equipment. Specialty tool boxes are usually crafted from heavy-duty steel, lightweight aluminum, or durable ABS plastic depending on the brand. Specialty tool boxes are constantly exposed to changing weather elements and will need to be waterproof to protect the items from water damage and moisture.

Tonneau Tool Boxes

Tonneau tool boxes will make it effortless to cover the truck bed while still gaining easy access to the toolbox. The kit will basically consist of a foldable soft vinyl cover for the bed and a separate toolbox mounted behind the rear window in the bed. The toolbox will take up some space in the bed but this allows you to separately store cargo without compromising the style and aerodynamics of your pickup truck. The best part is you don’t need to open, remove, or even touch the tonneau cover to access the contents in the toolbox. This is a great mod that will increase the cargo-carrying capabilities of your truck. We have an impressive lineup of tonneau tool boxes from the best brands in the market. Get instant access to big discounts on all tonneau tool boxes and accessories for any type of import or domestic truck.  

Tool Box Accessories
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