The turbocharger is the main component of a turbo kit. It is basically an exhaust-driven air compressor that forces massive amounts of air inside the combustion chamber. The turbocharger will work in unison with the intercooler and the cold air intakes to help the motor churn out maximum amounts of horsepower and torque. Turbochargers can come in a variety of configurations like the single-turbo, twin-turbo, twin-scroll turbo, variable-geometry turbo, and electric turbo. The type of turbocharger should be matched to the capabilities of the motor to avoid engine blow-out. Do you need a new turbocharger? Check out our inventory of top-quality turbochargers only here at Sam’s Motorsports. We offer discounted prices on turbochargers and other turbo components so you can save money on the best name-brand turbo parts.

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aFe Magnum FORCE Torque Booster Tubes
aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger Replacement Turbine Elbow
aFe BladeRunner Turbo Inlet Manifold
aFe BladeRunner Street Series Turbocharger
aFe BladeRunner GT Series Turbocharger
Fleece Performance Turbo Swap Kit
Fleece Performance Turbo Installation Kit
Fleece Performance S362 Turbocharger
Fleece Performance Cheetah Turbocharger
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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)