Spare Tire Carriers

Spare tire carriers can come in many shapes and forms. There are roof mounted spare tire carriers, hitch mounted tire carriers, and body mounted spare tire carriers. If you have a truck, you can choose a truck bed mounted spare tire carrier so you can have easy access to the spare tire. If your truck or SUV is equipped with larger wheels and off-road tires, the factory spare tire carrier may not be big and strong enough to accommodate a larger spare. Make sure to specify a spare tire carrier that is the right size and type for the spare wheel in your vehicle. We have a good selection of spare tire carriers for any make and model of import and domestic van, pickup truck, or SUV.

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APS Jeep Tire Carrier
Westin WJ2 Spare Tire Relocation Kit
Smittybilt Pivot HD Tire Carrier
Smittybilt SRC Oversized Tire Carrier
Smittybilt XRC Tire Carrier
Smittybilt Spare Tire Mount
Smittybilt Wire Harness Extension
Smittybilt Tire Relocation Bracket
Skyjacker Spare Tire Carrier Adapter
Skyjacker Spare Tire Relocation Kit
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Showing 1 to 12 of 12 (1 Pages)